Master in Molecular Scientific Research in Barcelona

Molecular Biotechnology

UB - Universitat de Barcelona. Màsters Oficials
In Barcelona (Spanien)

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Tipologie Master
Ort Barcelona (Spanien)
Dauer 1 Jahr
Beginn Oktober
Credits 60
  • Master
  • Barcelona (Spanien)
  • Dauer:
    1 Jahr
  • Beginn:
  • Credits: 60

Devote yourself to scientific research with this Master in molecular biotechnology at the Universidad de Barcelona! You can specialise in biomedical, pharmaceutical, food or environmental research.... This one-year Master in Barcelona will help you to orient your professional career toward a specific field and to understand the current lines of research, methods and techniques you need to help contribute to advances in molecular science and you can start your own projects.


Wo und wann

Beginn Lage
Barcelona, Spanien
Karte ansehen
Beginn Oktober
Barcelona, Spanien
Karte ansehen

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· Voraussetzungen

European bachelor's degree or accredited equivalent, or approval for access to the Master. Candidates with degrees in biology, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, pharmacy, veterinarian, biotechnology or equivalent can access the Master without complementary studies.

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Methodologies and Processes
Industry and Environment
Healthcare and Medical-Pharmacautical Field
Agricultural and Food Field
Ethical Aspects of Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology
Genomics. Proteomics and Bioinformatics
Cell and Tissue Engineering
Microbial Biotechnology
Biotechnological Applications
Structure and Analysis of Biomolecules
Animal Experimentation
Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology
Sustainable Processess and Produtcs


The Master offers several specialisations with the corresponding optional coursework, which include:
  • Methodologies and Processes: Cell and Tissue Engineering, Microbial Biotechnology, Biotechnological Applications, Structure and Analysis of Biomolecules, Nanobiotechnology, Research Seminars, Using Animals for Experimentation
  • Industry and Environment: Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology, Sustainable Processes and Products, Biotechnology of Water and Soil: Bioremediation.
  • Healthcare Field: Medical-Pharmaceutical, Molecular Diagnosis, Drug Design and Production, Vaccine Design and Production, Genetic and Cellular Therapy.
  • Agricultural and Food Field: Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Food Biotechnology.

Zusätzliche Informationen

The master's degree price for foreign students non residents in Spain, non nationals from EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Andorra is € 82 per credit ECTS. Year 2013-2014.

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