Master of Arts in Comparative European Social Studies (MACESS)

In Maastricht (Niederlande)

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Tipologie Master
Ort Maastricht (Niederlande)
Dauer 12 Monate
  • Master
  • Maastricht (Niederlande)
  • Dauer:
    12 Monate

Adding a European dimension to students' careers, and enabling them to become better practitioners, managers, researchers, or teachers.
Gerichtet an: Social Workers (Sozialarbeiter). Social Pedagogues (Sozialpädagogen). Social Sciences graduates (Sozialwissenschaftler)


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auf Anfrage
Brusselseweg 150, 6217HB, Limburg, Niederlande
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Beginn auf Anfrage
Brusselseweg 150, 6217HB, Limburg, Niederlande
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· Voraussetzungen

Students must hold a Bachelor's degree in one of the social professions or social sciences.


MACESS will prepare you for a career in social work / social pedagogy practice, management, research or education. The course is taught in Maastricht (NL); teaching staff and students are from all over Europe; and upon completion you will receive a Master of Artse degree from London Metropolitan University. That way, you further your knowledge and skills not only through study, but also by practicing your networking, intercultural and language skills by working together with lecturers and fellow students from different countries on a daily basis.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Praktikum: Dissertation phase requires students to do comparative research
Zulassung: English language test and intake
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 40
Kontaktperson: Guido van de Luitgaarden

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