Master's Degree in Healthcare Management

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
In Barcelona (Spanien)

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Ort Barcelona (Spanien)
Dauer 1 Jahr
  • Grundschule
  • Barcelona (Spanien)
  • Dauer:
    1 Jahr

Are you interested in a career in health care management? The healthcare industry is highly complex and always in need of qualified professionals with excellent management skills. It is an area which is always changing and the emergence of new medical technologies and legislation requires flexibility on the part of those in the field. Healthcare professionals must be adept at making informed decisions. Decision making, ie, management, aimed at achieving safe, good quality care, requires skilled professionals. The Master's Degree in Healthcare Management from the UIC provides students with useful, practical and professional education and training, for both general practitioners and nurses, as well as for those graduates in the field of health sciences or other academic disciplines which are interconnected with them (Economics, Business Studies, Law, Engineering, etc.). This will allow them to be guided professionally at other levels of healthcare management, both public and private.


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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spanien
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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spanien
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Healthcare Organizations
Healthcare Models
Human resources management
Patient Care
Health Economics
Strategic Planning
Public Sector Management
Private Sector Management
Physical Resource Management
Network Management
Diagnostic Imaging
Quality Methodology


Academic structure

Module I: Models and health systems

  • Framework
  • Public health
  • Health planning
  • Financing and purchasing services
  • Health economics

Module II: Managing healthcare organisations

  • Applied organisation theory
  • Strategic planning and business planning
  • Financial management, finance and assets
  • Human resource management
  • Physical resource management and technology
  • Purchasing and supply management
  • Management of general services
  • Technologies and information systems
  • Public sector management
  • Private sector management

III: The management of healthcare processes

  • Management of knowledge businesses
  • Clinical management. Information systems
  • Clinical management of primary care
  • Clinical management of social-healthcare and dependence
  • Clinical management of mental healthcare
  • Clinical management of specialised care
  • Management and external quality assessment
  • Management of the pharmaceutical healthcare system
  • Patient management
  • Management of biological diagnoses
  • Management and quality methodology
  • Network management
  • Management of diagnostic imaging
  • Management of the nursing process
  • Ethics as a protection factor in care and research processes. Ethical concepts applied to management
  • Communication
  • Presentation of proposals-final master's project

Module IV: Practical training-rotational

  • Practical rotational training in:
  • Management of information systems and management control
  • Management and patient care
  • Economic and financial management and general services
  • Human resource management
  • Final master's project

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