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Railway management with in-company experience

Master's Degree in Railway Systems

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As a fast and economic mean of transportation, still lacking investments in some countries, the railway sector demands more and more new and prepared professionals. This need for new faces and new ideas in the market comes from Civil Engineering to Economics and Physics. This Master's degree aims provide knowledge on what concerns the railway system in every important feature. It relies on a partnership with the main companies from the railway sector, with many practical sections at real railway facilities and internships.

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Integrate all knowledge concerning railway management and technology. Provide the students with the latest contents on Railway management. Stimulate the practical experience in this important field.

This program is destined to engineer and science Bachelor's or Licentiate degree holders who have interest in working on this sector. The students must be aware that they may devote a time to go through the whole program, that lasts one year.

Being a Bachelor's degree holder in Engineering or any other field in science. The best studies fields to be considered in the application are: Industrial Engineering, Aeronautical, naval and mining Engineering, Civil, telecommunications, computer science and other engineering sectors, as well as science degrees, for example, physics. The applicants must provide evidence of their Bachelor degree when it comes from a overseas University.

The program contains a broad range of subjects that help to develop in the future professionals a good comprehension of this field, providing, by means of partnerships, a practical experience to all students.

The candidates will be chosen according to the following criteria: Academic record of degree program (70%) and Reume, motivation and personal interview (30%). The experience in the railway sector will be considered. The admission board studies each application and gives the results to each student, whether through regular mail or email.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

  • Railway projects
  • Railway maintenance
  • Transport Logistics
  • Transport management


First Term
  • Railway Signalling
  • Regulation and economics of the railway sector
  • Egineering work and Stations
  • Rolling stock elements
  • Process management and safety of people and goods
  • Overhead lines - mechanics
  • Metropolitan, City and Commuter Railway Systems
Second Term
  • Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Planning and organization
  • Electrical Supply
  • High-Speed and Intercity lines
  • Advanced design and traffic control systems
  • Energy management and operating resources
  • Rolling stock and brake dynamics
  • Managerial skills and human resources
Master's Dissertation
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