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The Two Degree Program – MBA/M.A.

The single Master’s Study Program can be combined with an MBA in General Management. Students who choose this innovative way of studying will not only finish their studies earlier, but will also be awarded two separate degrees. This combined program represents a benchmark for future management education as proposed by the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). In addition, students in our international study programs have the opportunity to choose their format, concept, and country of study.

Example: Combined as a two-degree program, the MBA program (21 months) and the M.A. in Responsible Management (11 months) can be awarded with 120 ECTS in 26 instead of 32 months.

Benefits of the Two-Degree MBA/M.A. Program:

· Two academic degrees are earned.

· Two disciples of study are completed in a shorter time.

· Specialization is possible in the core content of two topics.

· The concepts of two studies with different topics are holistically integrated.

· Knowledge is applicable to two different fields of business.

MBA General Management:

International management

· The nature of international business

· Cross-cultural management

· International business law


· Strategy

· Strategic management

· Competitive strategy

· Aspects of business plan

· Business ethics

· Organisational purpose: profitability or responsibility

· Strategic change

· Network Strategy

Human resource management

· Recruitment, selection and placement of HR

· Learning and employee development

· Appraisal and performance of HR

· Communication skills and management effectiveness

· HRM in 21 century

Operations management

· Strategic performance management

· Quality and supply chain management

· Inventory management

· Project management

Financial management

· Financial accounting

· Financial planning

· Managerial accounting

Marketing management

· Strategic Marketing

· Marketing research

· Marketing decisions and managing actions

· Market Entry Strategies

· Export product and pricing decisions

· Promotion and distribution for exporters

Information technology for management

· IT in the digital economy

· IT- managerial and decision support

· IT and organizational applications

M.A. in Responsible Management:

Block 1:

· Stakeholder Analysis and Dialogue

· Cross-sector Partnerships

· Policies and Principles

· Communication of CSR Strategy

· Corporate CSR Strategy, Policies and Principles

· Critical Theory of Economic Ideas

Block 2:

· Ethical Propaedeutikum

· Basic concepts of Economic Ethics and Corporate Ethics

· Corporate Ethics Management I & II

· Leadership Integrity

Block 3:

· Sustainable Business

· Fundamentals of Sustainable Leadership

· Organizational Behavior

· H.R. Development / Leadership Development

· Principles of Entrepreneurship

· Principles of International Management

Block 4:

· Best Practices of Sustainable Management

· United Nations Global Compact

· Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - Guidelines

· ISO 26000

· Interdisciplinary Scientific Work

· Methods of Project Planning and Management

· Principles of Marketing

Optional Courses:

· Responsible Marketing

· Sustainable Research and Production

· Sustainable Finance

· Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

· Law and Ethics Compliance

· Sustainable H.R. Management

· Leadership Ethics

· CSR Management

· Environmental Sustainability

24.800 € zzgl. MwSt.