Medical Engineering

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Ort Linz/austria (Österreich)
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  • Master
  • Linz/austria (Österreich)
  • Dauer:
    2 Jahre
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The Master’s degree programme Medical Engineering is an extension and a
deepening of the Bachelor’s degree programme Medical Engineering. It enables
its students to acquire profound knowledge of Medical Engineering that is
primarily focused on medical device and rehabilitation technology and oriented
towards the practical needs of the profession. Students focus on 3 out of 4
areas of choice (electronics, biomechanics, medical device software, materials
technology). These are enhanced by the obligatory module ’Medical Technology:
Selected Subjects‘ and the module ’Medical Systems Engineering and Project‘.
Academic education is enhanced by a project work and a Master’s thesis, both
of which require students to apply their knowledge and skills in a new environment.
As part of the fi nal examination, students have to present their conclusions
underpinned by theoretical knowledge and their own rationale. Graduates are
qualifi ed as engineers with the ability to develop medical and rehabilitation
devices within the regulatory framework of European markets
and the ability to consider FDA regulations.

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Garnisonstraße 21, 4020, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Garnisonstraße 21, 4020, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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· Voraussetzungen

graduates of Medical-/Biomedical Engineering Bachelor’s degree programmes (or other degree programmes in engineering) with 180 ECTS points or more des Master-Studiums gibt es zwei verschiedene Basismodule für die jeweilige Zugangsgruppe. Dabei wird unterschieden zwischen AbsolventInnen von Studiengängen aus dem Bereich Medizintechnik ( Basismodul A) und AbsolventInnen anderer technischer oder (technisch-) naturwissenschaftlicher Studiengänge ( Basismodul B).

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FH-Prof. Dr. Martin Zauner
FH-Prof. Dr. Martin Zauner
Medical Informatics and Computer Science


Career profile

The scientifically founded professional knowledge in connection with applied engineering skills prepares graduates for leadership functions in larger projects or for an academic career as a researcher. Medical engineers are employed in development, engineering, production and fi elds of regulatory affairs, for quality control, in product management and also as qualifi ed advisors for technical sales and experts for product approval. Graduates can apply their knowledge immediately.

Focus of studies
  • Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Clinical Trials
  • Medicine for Medical Engineers
  • Medical Diagnosis Systems
  • Therapeutical Systems
  • Elective Module Electronics, Biomechanics, Medical Device Software or Materials Technology (3 out of 4)
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Systems Engineering
  • Project work and Masterthesis

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