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From June 22–24, 2016, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers are once again meeting at the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners – Intersolar Europe. The exhibition and its comprehensive accompanying program focus on the newest trends, services and products for the energy supply of the future. The Innovation and Application Forum provides information on current topics, from the operation of PV installations to the latest business models for marketing solar power. In the new Smart Renewable Energy Forum, visitors will learn everything they need to know about the technologies and systems for smart energy supply. The Intersolar Europe Conference addresses current topics such as financing models for PV installations, hybrid power plants and the situation across international markets. In 2016, the prestigious Intersolar AWARD is once again honoring innovative technologies and projects.

Hybrid off-grid systems and decentralized energy supply systems ar

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A colourful and fascinating group of people from all continents who are interested in the topics of this workshop: manufacturers, suppliers and installers of small pv systems for remote industrial use manufacturers, suppliers and installers of small pv systems for rural electrification, energy consultants, politicians and rural electrification Programme, planners, financiers from banks and foundations, scientists, engineers and students

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  • Off Grid Solar Systems
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Peter Adelmann

Peter Adelmann

Professor at University of Applied Science, Ulm


10.15 hrs Opening Address

Gabriele Struthoff-Müller, OTTI e.V. Regensburg, Germany

Prof. Peter Adelmann, University of Applied Sciences Ulm, Germany

Dr. Tania Rödiger-Vorwerk, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

10.40 hrs 1st Session: Business Models for dissemination of solar Systems

Chair: Prof. Peter Adelmann, University of Applied Sciences Ulm, Germany

Solar PV is an economical viable technology to provide off-grid systems with clean energy. Especially in comparison with diesel generators high cost reductions can be achieved. Nevertheless the implementation of solar systems faces some challenges due to missing business models. Thus, it is important to research, improve and discuss various potential business models.

Start and Roll out of an decentral electrification company
Casper Sikkema, Solarworks, South Africa

Solarkiosk: the sustainable economic development of Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities worldwide
Andreas Spieß, Solarkiosk AG, Germany


11.15 hrs Coffee Break

11.45 hrs 2nd Session: Off-Grid Storage systems

Chair: Norbert Pfanner, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany

The implementation of fluctuating renewable energies into off-grid diesel grids requires certain storage technologies to increase the overall renewable share and to improve the system stability. Different technologies exist to fulfill these tasks by e.g. electrochemical or thermal storage application.

Field Performance of modern Battery Systems
Dr. George Hanna, Qinous GmbH, Germany

Adding LiFePO4 to lead acid Systems
Thomas Kündiger, BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG, Germany

Non electric storage
Prof. Peter Adelmann, University of Applied Sciences Ulm, Germany


13.15 hrs Lunch Break

14.30 hrs 3rd Session: Innovative Systems and Applications

Chair: Dr. Philipp Blechinger, Reiner Lemoine Institut Berlin, Germany

Hybrid off-grid systems and decentralized energy supply systems are complex systems requiring latest control and communication technologies. Thus, innovations for hard- and software continuously improve system performances and decrease costs.

PV Solar Water Heater
Daniel Goldbach, Peltier Application AG, Germany

Diesel Solar Hybrid
Mahamadou Diarra, ACCESS- SA, Mali

Hybrid / solar minigrids
Caroline Nijland, FRES, The Netherlands


16.00 hrs Coffee Break

16.30 hrs 4th Session: Productive use

Chair: Prof. Peter Adelmann, University of Applied Sciences Ulm, Germany

Rural electrification is one of the Sustainable Development Goals. The implementation is challenging due to e.g. low specific electricity consumption. The enhancement of productive users can improve both the financial viability of electrification projects and the local living conditions.

Solar powered milling
Stewart Craine, Village Infrastructure, Indonesia

Replacement of Dry Cell Batteries
Catherine Adelmann, Fosera GmbH&CoKGaA, Germany

Production of Components and Systems in Eastern Africa
Haijo Kuper, Solinc, East Africa


17.50 hrs Closing Remarks

Prof. Peter Adelmann, University of Applied Sciences Ulm, Germany

18.00 hrs End of the OTTI Workshop Off-Grid Solar Systems

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Off Grid Solar Systems

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