Official master's degree in Education in and through the visual arts in the Universidad de Granada

Visual Arts and Education: a Constructionist Focus

UB - Universitat de Barcelona. Màsters Oficials
In Barcelona (Spanien)

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Tipologie Master
Ort Barcelona (Spanien)
Credits 60
  • Master
  • Barcelona (Spanien)
  • Credits: 60

If you would like to extend your knowledge in the sector of the visual arts and artistic education aimed at teaching the arts, provides the master's degree in Visual Arts and Education: a Constructionist Focus. An in-person course designed and taught by the Universitat de Barcelona that will train you to carry out research projects or apply your knowledge to the education sector.

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Barcelona, Spanien
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· Welche Ziele werden in diesem Kurs verfolgt?

With this Master, you will study the changes in visual culture, artistic education and contemporary art in depth, and you will discover different focusses for researching visual arts. The course is from a constructivist perspective, you will be able to explore methods applied to the teaching of visual arts and you will discover graphic narrative applied to artistic and narrative research. You will be able to carry out projects of intervention in the sphere of education and you will acquire a critical and analytical view of visual processes.

· An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

The Master is targeted at people with university training in sectors such as Fine Arts, Education, History of Art or Communication, or with professional experience in these sectors. The course is in-person and lasts one academic year, you will have quality learning material and specialised teaching staff.

· Voraussetzungen

Official bachelor's degree or equivalent in Fine Arts, Pedagogy, History of Art, Architecture or Audiovisual Communication, although any official degree is accepted. Experience will be valued although it is not essential.

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Visual Arts
Professional photographyl
Social mediation
Artistic photography
Visual culture
Affective education
Artistic education
Gender studies and art
Artistic mediation
Graphic narrative


  • Art, post-modernity and education: construction and deconstruction of knowledge
  • Visual culture and educational environments
  • Visual culture and visual research methods
  • From a subject of interest to a research project: a constructionist perspective
  • Drawing and heritage. Learning to enhance the value of heritage through drawing
  • Educate in art
  • Educate in museums. Training professionals and teaching strategies
  • Effective education
  • Artistic education and research in museums
  • Artistic education, critical perspectives and educational practice
  • Artistic education and multi-cultural studies
  • Contemporary art as heritage of the present: criteria for teaching it
  • Genealogies of visual culture studies
  • Focusses of participative research. Culture, society and joint action
  • Imagery and words. Visual arts and negotiation of signs in the classroom
  • Interdisciplinarity and shared focusses from the arts
  • Introduction to the constructionist perspective
  • Photography as a strategy for educational research based on the visual arts
  • Masculinity, gender studies and contemporary art
  • Artistic mediation: Methods for socio-educational intervention through art and culture in the social context
  • Artistic methods for research in education, in visual arts and in artistic education
  • Museums, narratives and social constructionism
  • Graphic narrative applied to artistic-narrative research
  • Ecological perspectives in artistic education: practice, theory and research based on the arts
  • Power and subjectivity in research into the artistic education curriculum
  • Practices of contact pedagogies and corporisation: a contribution to performance studies
  • Documentary practices and policies of representation
  • Theories and practices regarding the artistic education curriculum from a constructionist perspective
  • Traditions and disciplines in visual culture

Zusätzliche Informationen

The price of the master's degree for foreigners who are not resident in Spain, who are not nationals from European Union member countries, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Andorra is €82 per ECT credit. 2013-2014 Academic Year.

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