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Official Master's Degree in Finance


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The Official Master's Degree in Finance is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE), through ICADE Business School.
This is a full-time Master's Degree program offering comprehensive training in finance. It is structured into three main modules: face-to-face classes from October to May; a Final Master's Project or Dissertation; and in-company internships.

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The program covers theoretical, technical, practical and real knowledge relating to financial management in markets in order to enable them to work in the field of finance, and equipping them with the tools necessary to engage in decision-making. It aims to ensure the following: Understanding and evaluation of financial theory. The quantitative and qualitative techniques employed in banking and finance, which are appropriate to progress further academically when applied as professional tools. Analysis and interpretation of advanced topics in the field. The skills and capabilities needed for modern-day financial analysis. Understanding and application of different structures of financial institutions' operations. This is complemented with the specific training by drafting papers, carrying out projects, and engaging in financial research. To ensure the students gain an overview of business and reach the highest level of performance, we have designed a current and comprehensive program taught by professionals and academic specialists in the area.

The Official Master's Degree in Finance is designed for candidates who: Have recently completed a university degree and are interested in working in the financial sector. Already have brief work experience in this area and will join a company's financial department. Currently work in a specific area of the financial sector and wish to gain a more comprehensive and in-depth perspective of the sector or other financial areas. Wish to become specialized in an area within finance or the financial sector.

Candidates must hold or be able to justify that they will soon be awarded a Licentiate Degree, Degree in Engineering or in Architecture, or equivalent degree from foreign university, preferably in Economics or Business Administration and Management. Having a solid academic record and proof of English proficiency (equivalent to level B2) will be an advantage. Proficiency in Spanish will be required (level C1).

Various entities in the financial world (Banco Popular, Banco Santander, Barclays Capital, Crédit Agricole CA Corporate

Students interested in applying for admission to the Official Master's Degree in Finance must first fill out the online application form (accessible from the APPLICATION tab) and then submit the documents required for the Master's application (see the link to Information notice in the next item) at the Registry. When the Admissions Committee has finished examining the documents received, a personal interview will be conducted to complete the selection process. If the Admissions Committee so deems necessary, it may propose written tests to assess the candidate's knowledge of economics and business administration, analytical skills, verbal comprehension, and English proficiency level. The Admissions Committee will score the application dossier as a whole including the interview, the academic record, previous experience (work or internships), the candidate's proven level of English and the results of any additional tests taken.

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  • Management
  • Business
  • Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • IT
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial risk management
  • Management Control
  • External auditing
  • Managerial skills for finance


The Official Master's Degree in Finance comprises a total of 60 ECTS distributed as follows:

30 ECTS of compulsory subjects taught in the first term, seeking to ensure that the students gain a high level of competency and knowledge regarding financial models, financial markets, financial management and financial products.

24 ECTS of subjects taught in the second term, of which 13 are compulsory and 11 are optional. Optional subjects provide a more specialized approach to the different areas or functions within the financial sector.

6 ECTS allocated to the Final Master's Project, whose defense takes place after classes end in the second term.

The Official Master's Degree in Finance comprises 60 ECTS. The curriculum consists of 26 subjects that are taught from September 2014 to May 2015. Please note that the Final Master's Project is expected to begin in the first term and the defense is expected to take place in July 2015.



Managerial Skills for Finance

Business, Financial Strategy, and Corporate Governance

Analysis of the Economic and Financial Situation


Assessment of Financial Instruments

Financial Analysis and Financial Management

Statistics and Econometrics for Finance

Financial Accounting

Financial Taxation


Project Financing

IT Tools for Finance

Financial Risk Management

Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance

Private Banking and Asset Management

Management Control and External Auditing

Advanced Quantitative Methods and Structured Products


Financial Markets

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management II

Regulatory Framework of the Financial System and Compliance


Corporate Finance

Advanced Corporate Finance

CFA I Exam Preparation Course







In the second term, the students are expected to enroll in compulsory subjects totaling 13 ECTS and in optional subjects totaling 11 ECTS. The choice of subjects is based on the 2 professional profiles/study plans available, given that each profile or study plan has already been assigned specific subjects.

The study plans offered as part of the Official Master's Degree in Finance are as follows:

Profile/Study Plan 1: Private Banking and Asset Management, Banking, Portfolio Management II, Management Control and External Auditing.

Profile/Study Plan 2: Advanced Corporate Finance, CFA I Exam Preparation Course, Advanced Quantitative Methods and Structured Products, and Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance.

Regarding the second-term subjects, the students are only required to select those corresponding to their chosen profile/study plan.

Zusätzliche Informationen

The students are, on average, 24 years old. 10% of the students in the classrooms come from outside of Spain.
Places available: 30 

Number of credits : 90

Official Master's Degree in Finance

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