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Official Master's Degree in International Affairs: Economics, Politics and Law

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
In Madrid ()

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Tipologie Master
Dauer 11 Monate
Credits 60
Unternehmenspraktikum Ja
  • Master
  • Dauer:
    11 Monate
  • Credits: 60
  • Unternehmenspraktikum

The Master's program in International affairs provides an updated look on legal and economic aspects of the relationship between countries and its most relevant features. For those considering to take a place in diplomatic agencies that deal with political or business decisions concerning the relation between countries, this course is a good opportunity.

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· Welche Ziele werden in diesem Kurs verfolgt?

Determining a updated perspective on the most relevant issues in the world lately. Provide the students with skills concerning international affairs, to be attested during conferences in Washington D.C.. Focus not only in the students intellectual capacity, but also their sensibility in ethical aspects.

· An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

Licenciate or Bachelor's degree holders or holders-to-be that intend to start a career in diplomatic or other international, multilateral organizations, that deal with different international aspects of business administration or even law and democracy.

· Voraussetzungen

Bachelor's degree from a Spanish institution or the equivalent degree from a different institution. Solid and relevant academic record, or relevant work experience or having completed an internship Proof of knowledge in English and Spanish, specially in International affairs vocabulary.

· Worin unterscheidet sich dieser Kurs von anderen?

The course provides a very reliable and updated perspective in international affairs considering the best examples of international cooperation, such as the European Union.

· Welche Schritte folgen nach der Informationsanfrage?

Submitting all documents and filling the enrollment form. Personal Interview with the Course director or coordinator. The decision is made by the Course director and the University's Admission subcommittee. The results are sent to the applicant via email and mobile number, as they're also released in the Admissions Portal.

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

International law
International Business
International Business Management
International Trade


The program is composed of two parts: Common subjects (25 credits) and stuy plans on either economics-business or law-politics.

Common subjects (5 credits each):
  • International Economics
  • International Business
  • Legal and institutional aspects of European integration and international organizations
  • International Relations
  • Ethics in International affairs
Optional Studies (4 credits each. The student must take 5 classes):
  • Trade and investment in the European Union
  • Regional economy and development
  • Economic Globalization: theory an empirical evidence
  • Political globalization, global democracy and governance
  • International security policy. Terrorism and International criminal law. Criminal and police cooperation within Europe.
  • International trade law (WTO)
  • International geostrategy: geopolitics and geo-economics.
  • Economic growth
  • International negotiating and contracting
  • Immigration and asylum policy
International Seminar at Georgetown University
Master's Dissertation

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