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Official Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering and MBA (MIT-MBA) Double-degree program

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The MEM program (Master of Engineering Management) is composed of the MA in Telecommunications Engineering and the MA in Business Administration (MBA). The aim of this degree program is to train the new leaders of the 21st-century ICT sector. This program, one of the first postgraduate courses in Europe to combine engineering, technology and business administration, is founded on the same principles that inspired the members of the US consortium MEMPC.

The combined Master's in Telecommunications Engineering and Master's in Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year program. The first year mainly focuses on telecommunication systems engineering and also includes a significant amount of the MBA modules. The second year, on the one hand, is centered around technological training plus an engineering project that forms the Master's Thesis and, on the other, around completing the MBA modules and MBA Thesis. In this second year, students also have the opportunity to complete a professional internship as part of their study program.

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Multidisciplinary training in engineering and business administration, together with strong focus on problem-solving skills, ensures these budding professionals a brilliant career in any organization that looks to apply ICT to improve production processes. This program combines the traditional engineering training offered by the ICAI School of Engineering with ICADE's experience in business management and administration. This combination creates a professional profile that offers an added value to companies in industrial, technological and business sectors and sets our graduates apart, and all through a practice-based program in which students play a leading role. In addition, the program is perfectly adapted to a society in which internationalization, and communication and leadership skills are indispensable for achieving professional success.

The program is designed so that students can develop the skills and abilities acquired on both degrees in two years. The increased workload, characteristic of a double-degree program, requires students to possess strong organizational, study and work-related skills. Throughout the program, students are constantly guided and supported by their lecturers and tutors. Students who complete the MA can register with Spain's Professional Association of Telecommunications Engineers and work in the legally regulated profession of Telecommunications Engineering.

A Bachelor's Degree in Telematics Engineering from our Engineering School. A Bachelor's Degree in Engineering for Telecommunication Technologies and Services from other schools with a strong academic record. Students holding any other undergraduate degree equivalent to the above-mentioned programs can also apply, although they may be required to complete additional, preparatory courses.

The student's academic background, cover letter, interview (optional) and command of the English language will all be taken into account. The Admission Committee will study the application and communicate its decision, and the corresponding enrolment deadline, when applicable, by email and post.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

  • MBA
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Business
  • Diseño de circuitos integrados
  • Sistemas de comunicación
  • Aplicaciones industriales de las comunicaciones



-Análises de Costes
-Dirección de Marketing
-Dirección de Recursos Humanos
-Electrónica de comunicaciones
-Métodos cuantitativos para la decisión
-Planificación y operación de redes
-Sistemas de comunicación I
-Arquitectura de servicios en red
-Comunicaciones ópticas
-Diseño de circuitos integrados
-Finanzas Corporativas
-Instrumentación electrónica
-Inteligencia empresarial
-Planificación Estratégica
-Sistemas de comunicación II
-Trabajo Fin de máster (MBA)
-Trabajo fin de Máster (MIT)
-Aplicaciones industriales de las comunicaciones
-Dirección de operaciones
-Dirección de proyectos
-Financiación e inversiones en Industria y Tecnología
-Innovación y emprendimiento
-La estrategia en acción
-Seguridad en sistemas de comunicación
-Comunicaciones Multimedia
-El entorno global de los negocios
-Ética y RSE
-Gestión Intercultural
-Gobierno corporativo
-Liderazgo y Gestión del cambio
-Optativa complementaria ó Prácticas
-Técnicas de consultória

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