Onshore Wind Energy: Fundamentals

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At the end of the course you should have a fundamental understanding of onshore wind power. You should know how to measure and to assess the wind resource. You will be able to carry out a simple energy analysis for a wind farm and calculate the annual energy yield. You will have an understanding about wind turbine technology, grid connections, licensing requirements and environmental impacts. You will understand the global market trends and parameters that influence the economics of wind farms.
Gerichtet an: This compact course is aimed at participants with limited technical knowledge. Non-technicians, advisors and consultants, employees of financial institutions responsible for financing renewable energy, insurance company employees, those starting their careers, students.

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· Voraussetzungen

Interest in the technical and economic foundations of onshore wind power



Power from the wind”

  • Where the wind comes from
  • Meteorology

Wind assessment

  • On-site measurements
  • Wind mapping
  • Wind atlas
  • Wind prediction

Wind turbine technology

  • Historic wind turbines
  • From foundations to rotor blades: state-of-the-art and trends
  • Certification and standards
  • Operation and maintenance

Grid integration

  • Grid connections
  • Grid codes
  • Dynamic and static grid support

Wind farm design

  • Micro siting
  • Wind farm performance

Energy yield

  • Combining power curves with wind measurements
  • Software overview

Economics of wind farm

  • Global market development
  • Investment and operation costs
  • Revenues
  • Contracts
  • Cash-flow analysis

Licensing, spatial planning and environmental impact

  • Steps in licensing
  • Competing land use and spatial planning
  • Noise, shadow, visual impact
  • External effects

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