The Original Face - Face Reading (Gesichtsdiagnose)

Spring and Autumn Institute
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Gerichtet an: Studierende und Praktizierende der Chinesischen Medizin

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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Lillian Bridges
Lillian Bridges
Gesichtsdiagnose der Chinesischen Medizin, Feng Shui


This four day intensive course is designed to train students to become proficient face readers and diagnosticians. The book Face Reading in Chinese Medicine by Lillian Bridges is highly recommended reading matter.

This course will cover the fundamental principles of face reading in depth. Topics include: signs of jing and qi, the facial maps, uncovering issues and patterns, the divisions of the face and the meaning of the facial features and markings and their correlation to health.

Students will learn to find clues uncovering personality traits, emotional health and psychological makeup. In addition, students will learn about the body’s blueprint on the face, clues for diagnosing, and how facial coloration and markings indicate organ health along with disease potential and probability. The interactive shen reading experiences will provide students with the ability to develop and enhance their emotional intelligence and intuition.

Finally, students will practice synthesizing the myriad signs from a face to create a complete reading of past experiences, personality, health and potential. Students will be guided and coached to become competent face readers.

The Face Reading Practitioner Training Program is an amazing experience of self discovery combined with the opportunity to learn to assess others in a wholly new way. Students will increase their consciousness, deepen their understanding of themselves and gain deep insight into others. A Certificate of Completion from Lillian Bridges Lotus Institute will be awarded at the end of the course.

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