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Ort Eindhoven (Niederlande)
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  • Eindhoven (Niederlande)
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    9 Wochen

Gerichtet an: Senior Managers, Newly appointed Programme Managers who may have a background in managing projects, but not in a multi-project environment, Business change managers, who require an understanding of the interface between benefit management and programme management, Project managers who are managing projects as part of a larger programme, Functional department managers whose staff may be seconded to programme work and functional staff and project team members who would benefit from a better understanding of the programme environment

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Noord Brabant, Niederlande
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Programme management is a comparatively new technique, which can be defined as: the coordinated management of a portfolio of projects in order to achieve a set of business objectives (OGC). In a Programme Management Organisation, the projects are usually aimed at bringing about internal changes for the benefit of the business as a whole.

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