Responsible Management (CSR, Nachhaltigkeit, Ethics) - Berufsintegriert / Berufsbegleitend


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The Study Concept. Our program is based on the world-renowned Steinbeis Project Competence. Concept and the Blended Learning Concept. The foundation of the learning process includes class sessions, self-study days, transfer projects, presentation, and discussion, all of which instill 'best practices in Corporate Responsibility Management and Sustainable Leadership. This Master's Program can be easily integrated with an MBA or General Business Master's Program towards fulfillment of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education Initiative (PRME).
Gerichtet an: The Master's Program was developed to respond to the needs of mainstreaming CSR, Business Ethics, and Leadership in postgraduate education. With a specific integration of the core management issue responsibility, the program provides students with a background in economics, social sciences and humanities with the option to specialize in Responsible Management and Sustainable Leadership within one year.

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The objective of this Master’s Program is to champion responsible management by developing a new generation of business leaders who are capable of handling the complex challenges faced by business, society, and the environment.

Course Contents:

Block 1:

Stakeholder Analysis and Dialogue

Cross-sector Partnerships

Policies and Principles

Communication of CSR Strategy

Corporate CSR Strategy, Policies and Principles

Critical Theory of Economic Ideas

Block 2:

Ethical Propaedeutikum

Basic concepts of Economic Ethics and Corporate Ethics

Corporate Ethics Management I & II

Leadership Integrity

Block 3:

Sustainable Business

Fundamentals of Sustainable Leadership

Organizational Behavior

H.R. Development / Leadership Development

Principles of Entrepreneurship

Principles of International Management

Block 4:

Best Practices of Sustainable Management

United Nations Global Compact

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) - Guidelines

ISO 26000

Interdisciplinary Scientific Work

Methods of Project Planning and Management

Principles of Marketing

Optional Courses:

Responsible Marketing

Sustainable Research and Production

Sustainable Finance

Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

Law and Ethics Compliance

Sustainable H.R. Management

Leadership Ethics

CSR Management

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible Management (CSR, Nachhaltigkeit, Ethics) - Berufsintegriert / Berufsbegleitend

16.600 € MwSt.-frei