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Ort Roma (Italien)
Dauer 3 Jahre
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  • Roma (Italien)
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    3 Jahre

The Video Designer operates in the audio-video communications sector, by creating TV spots and intros to shows, graphic formats for TV programs, but also video clips, trailers, viral videos for the web, reporting and documentaries, an institutional video for companies and state organizations, videos for events and conventions, without forgetting about short films, video-art and VJ'ing.
Gerichtet an: Students interested in the following professional paths: Making institutional films for public organizations and large companies; intros and spots for TV networks; videos for events and company conventions; graphic formats for television programs; films for concept art; VJ'ing, interactive installations, museum tours and set ups, video maker for the production of brief, short and medium length films, including the design of ones own complete film; video for entertainment, for the theater, for fashion shows.

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Via Alcamo, 11, 00182, Roma, Italien
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Via Alcamo, 11, 00182, Roma, Italien
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The choice of the course of Filmmaker allows the student of the three year course of Video Design to become expert in the language, the scenery, the production and postproduction of a audiovisual product tied to stories (both in cinema as well as TV), to documentaries, to advertising commercials and to video clips. The objective is to create professionals who are capable of managing the multitude of languages and expressive forms of the world of communication and moving images, working on their own while also fully integrating with the group. The design project constitutes the main learning experience of the course.

The first year of the three year program of Video Design is dedicated to the understanding of the basic fundamental tools of finding the idea, designing, presenting and making the audiovisual product. The cultural disciplines are discussed alongside the technical aspects, in order to allow the student to gain a solid base and be able to handle later on any type of complex audiovisual project. Particular attention is given to the tools necessary to be able to present complete and sufficiently supported projects.

The second year revolves around a guided design project. The different design courses attempt to furnish the student with concrete experiences, with the goal of actually realizing a project. A deeper understanding of the technical aspects in the different audiovisual languages is undertaken, also in relation to the specialization courses of the third year. Integral part of the course is the understanding of the software, made for interactivity and the management of multimedia contributions, whereas the cultural disciplines deal with the panorama of video in a historical, sociological, and actual context, aside from covering the language which is required in a professional environment.

The third year of the course of Video Design follows two parallel paths in relation to the two specializations: linear and non-linear. The linear specialization foresees the elaboration of a personal point of view in order to build ones own narrative. It is asked that students express a personal vision of reality: or in other words, their own vision of the world. In this case, it is fundamental to acquire a methodology of working which permits the combining of intellectual design with practical design.

The course is accredited by MIUR as an Academic Diploma of the First Level

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