IBM WebSphere MQ V7 Advanced System Administration (Distributed)

Esciris GmbH
In Frankfurt Am Main

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Features of the Eclipse-based WebSphere MQ configuration toolsAvailable channel exits and how to activate themMessage channel exitsTLS/SSL for securing TCP/IP channelsSecurity definitions and the WebSphere MQ objectSecurity best practicesAdvanced workload managementAdvanced client connection facilitiesStatistics and accounting Describe and administer distributed publish/subscribe networks including publish/subscribe clustering and hierarchical networks.
Gerichtet an: This course is designed for technical professionals who require advanced administrator skills for WebSphere MQ on distributed platforms, or who provide support to others who perform such tasks. This course is based on WebSphere MQ V7 but is also appropriate for students who support prior versions of WebSphere MQ.

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Frankfurt Am Main
Herriotstrasse, 1, 60528, Hessen, Deutschland
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A working knowledge of WebSphere MQ V7 administrationThe skills necessary to perform basic WebSphere MQ V7 administration by experience or by completing one of the courses:IBM WebSphere MQ V7 Administration Windows (WM201DE) IBM WebSphere MQ V7 Administration AIX (WM202DE)IBM WebSphere MQ V7 Administration Solaris (WM203DE)


This course is designed to teach some of the advanced skills required by system programmers and administrators of IBM WebSphere MQ V7 on distributed platforms. It expands the basic skills developed in course, Technical Introduction to IBM WebSphere MQ (WM01D0DE), and the IBM WebSphere MQ V7 System Administration courses (WM201DE for Windows, WM202DE for AIX, and WM203DE for Solaris).
This course focuses on advanced features and facilities of WebSphere MQ V7 such as clustering and security, emphasizing the administration of workload balancing using clustering and using SSL to secure channels. Additional topics include channel exit programming, statistic and accounting facilities, advanced client features, and publish/subscribe administration with IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS V7

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