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All University of Liverpool online Masters programmes are taught 100% via the Internet, giving career professionals access to a level of higher education that may otherwise be out of reach because of work or family responsibilities. This accessibility is made possible because there are no fixed lecture times, the classroom is always open and there is no need to synchronise study with anyone else. In completing their assignments, students can interact with instructors and classmates whenever and wherever suits them best.


Online Master Programmes in Management, Information Technology, Medicine and Law. 100 % Distance Learning.


Wherever you live, you can now study online for a Masters degree from the University of Liverpool, one of the UK's most prestigious universities. Laureate Online Education, the University of Liverpool's exclusive worldwide e-learning partner, has developed a 100% online learning environment which enables you to fit a Masters degree into your life and acquire relevant, up to date knowledge to boost your career. Almost 3,500 professionals from more than 175 different countries have chosen the University of Liverpool for their online Masters degree. Studying online with the University of Liverpool puts them at the heart of a learning experience that has successfully delivered educational and career benefits to thousands of professionals across the world.

The University of Liverpool and Laureate Online Education