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The aim of our MPH programme is to provide a foundation in the science and art of public health, including an understanding of the concepts of health and disease and the factors that may affect them. The knowledge, skills and attitudes you acquire will enable you to apply public health principles effectively in both research and practical contexts.
Gerichtet an: Students who already finished their Bachelor (postgraduate). Two years working experience related to the degree program (practical background knowledge of business).

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  • Master of Public Health

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Graduates in medicine of an approved university who have not less than one year (and preferably longer) post-registration professional experience Other health-related graduates of an approved university or other institution who have not less than two years of professional experience. In addition, applicants require a GCSE Grade C or GCE O Level pass in Mathematics and English, or an equivalent qualification. Applicants from outside the UK will also normally be required to have passed the IELTS examination or TOEFL before commencing the programme.

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The programme comprises four core modules and four electives, culminating in a dissertation. Your first module will be 9 weeks in length where you begin with a week long brief introduction to the programme, the learning platform and then continue with the module content. Each following module is eight weeks in length. By taking one module at a time you can explore a specific subject in depth without distractions. The four core modules must be completed prior to undertaking the electives.

All University of Liverpool online Masters programmes are taught 100% via the Internet, giving career professionals access to a level of higher education that may otherwise be out of reach because of work or family responsibilities.

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Master of Public Health - MPH

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