Applying for a Job in English

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Be thoroughly prepared through professional training on how to write the perfect international CV /resumé and cover letter, how to have your answers ready during the interview. Videoed role plays will help to perfect your interview skills.
Gerichtet an: Are you applying for a job in English? Are you emigrating to an English-speaking country? If so, you must be well-prepared in order to land the job you are seeking.


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Am Keferloher Weg 10, 85652, Bayern, Deutschland
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Am Keferloher Weg 10, 85652, Bayern, Deutschland
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· Voraussetzungen

CEF level minimum B1 ( lower intermediate)


Good qualifications and a good track record are good - but not good enough if you are applying for a job abroad or if you are applying for the job of your dreams in English. Expectations of the prospective recruiter are very different in the English-speaking world.

After a thourough review of grammar and tenses the course turns to terms used in describing organizations and job descriptions. We then move on to writing your CV / resumé with the help of a detailed questionnaire and templates. We will consider which layout best suits your background - chronological, functional? Educational qualifications are translated into the English equivalent and the list of "power verbs" will enable you to quickly put together a list of your present and past job responsibilities. The differences between American, British and German CVs will be determined before the final document is written. Next we will look at job advertisements and practice writing the perfect cover letter. Having written a perfect CV and cover letter we expect to be invited to the interview. Why panic if you are well prepared? What is the correct introduction? Have your answers ready, know the stages of the interview and the types of interviews you may be asked to attend. What should you do after the interview? Through videoed role plays you can be your own critique and learn from your mistakes.

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