Change Management

Lucas Consulting Team
In Hamburg

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Tipologie Workshop
Ort Hamburg
Dauer 2 Tage
  • Workshop
  • Hamburg
  • Dauer:
    2 Tage

All participants are invited to contribute their concrete work on cases regarding change projects. Based on these experiences, exemplary requirements will be mutually analysed by the participants and trainer in order to successfully master their change projects.
Gerichtet an: Change Managers, Project Managers and employees dealing with change processes


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Königstraße 30, 22767, Hamburg, Deutschland
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Königstraße 30, 22767, Hamburg, Deutschland
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Gönül Sahin
Gönül Sahin
Kommunikation, Führung, Potenzialanalyse, Changemanagement


A practical workshop to manage and facilitate successful change processes

Objective of this workshop

Leadership skills are one of the key factors for a successful management of change processes. It is therefore important to take into consideration not only obvious targets but also human attitude and behaviour.

This workshop provides theory input and helpful solutions for future change projects. Participants learn how to define targets, to avoid and/or deal with conflicts within the team and to cope with communication problems.
By means of systemic methods, they optimize their communication architecture and achieve their personal targets within their individual change projects.


The following methods are used in this workshop:
Theory input, individual and group excercises, plenum discussion, work on case studies, feedback


  • Target-oriented management in times of change
  • Typical process of change
  • Emotional process of change
  • Systemic approaches like organizational diagnosis, goal setting, project architecture
  • Leadership in change processes
  • Communication design in change processes
  • Modelling changes in cooperation with all concerned
  • Psychological factors in planning projects
  • Giving orientation to team members
  • Dealing with uncertainty and fears
  • Generating energy, building confidence
  • Dealing with group dynamics

Zusätzliche Informationen

Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 8
Kontaktperson: Markus Gerigk

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