Dr. Wang’s Channel Palpation (Leitbahnpalpation nach Dr. Wang)

Spring and Autumn Institute
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Gerichtet an: Studierende und Praktizierende der Chinesischen Medizin


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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Nyssa Tang
Nyssa Tang
Akupunktur, Leitbahnpalpation

Meisterschülerin von Dr. Wang Ju Yi


Channel palpation is a classical diagnostic technique that is not often taught in modern Chinese Medicine schools but is found in the earliest texts such as the Neijing. It is a technique that is extremely practical and helps practitioners hone their diagnostic skills and brings clarity and focus to their treatments. Dr. Wang Ju Yi, a master practitioner with over 50 years of clinical experience, has developed a system of diagnosis and treatment based on this hands-on approach.

During the course, students will have a chance to explore this classical acupuncture technique. The course will include both lectures and demonstrations on the following topics:

  • An introduction to classical channel theory and physiology.
  • How to palpate each channel (big hands-on sessions are included) as well as how to interpret the changes that manifest on each.
  • The integration of channel findings and clinical application.

Participants are strongly encouraged to get familiarized with
Applied Channel Theory by Dr. Wang Ju Yi and Jason Robertson.

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