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English for the Receptionist

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The Receptionist is the "cover page" of every company! And yet, as we say in English, "Never judge a book by its cover", we invariably do. If ANYONE in the company is worthy of good English training, it is the receptionist since he/she is usuall the first person an international customer speaks to. First impressions are lasting! Let your receptionist open doors to good business relationships.
Gerichtet an: All those of you who are the most important people in the company without tooting your horns! Those who of you greet visitors and answer international calls, those who connect important customers and take messages while there are crowds of people around your desk all talking and requiring things at the same time. Those who, regardless of what's going on around them, still need to give a good impression on the phone while speaking in another language. I admire you!

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CEF Level: A2 - B2 ( False beginners to lower intermediate - although better speakers of English would still gain a lot from this course)

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The course embraces the language, business and cultural skills required to work efficiently at the front desk of a medium to multi-national corporation.

  • A thorough review of the main tenses and grammar forms
  • Introductions, greetings, good byes and small talk, giving directions, dealing with visitors
  • The receptionist's duties - describing the organization: divisions, departments and responsibilities, improving your professional image
  • Wringin effective e-mails - the correct salutation and close, typical phrases for opening and closing e-mails, making and confirming reservations and arrangements
  • Telephone skills - answering the phone, connecting the caller, taking messages, screening calls, dealing with spelling and numbers, asking for repetition and confirmation, apologizing, your "telephone voice"
  • Communicationskills - asking polite questions and making polite requests, responding to comments

We do lots of "hands-on" role plays to reinforce what you have learned.

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