European Intercultural Training Camp - Effective communication in a multicultural working environment

Bamik - Der Dienstleister für interkulturelle Ausbildung und Diversity
In Berlin

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Tipologie Seminar
Niveau Anfänger
Ort Berlin
Unterrichtsstunden 40h
Dauer 4 Tage
  • Seminar
  • Anfänger
  • Berlin
  • 40h
  • Dauer:
    4 Tage

Gerichtet an: persons working in mulitcultural environments


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Marienstraße 30, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
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Marienstraße 30, 10117, Berlin, Deutschland
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BAMIK's comprehensive intercultural training for adult education professionals including one week of intensive course work in Berlin with participants from all over the European Union.
You may even qualify for a full Grundtvig scholarship covering course and travel expenses.

Within the context of a united, yet culturally diverse Europe, employees are facing multicultural working environments which can lead to intercultural problems. The ability to handle different cultural settings is increasingly becoming an essential skill. Improve your intercultural competence in our EITC!

Target Group This course is targeted at persons working in mulitcultural environments and teams who are faced with intercultural situations every day. This skill-based training grants participants to improve their communication skills as well as to provide personal development opportunities. It enables you to share experiences with other European organisations and individuals and to enhance working abilities in international teams.

Contents The aim of this five-day-course being a combination of theory and practice is that the participants receive useful information regarding theories, methods as well as effective tools for intercultural communication. Based on their personal experiences participants are also actively involved in the course through discussions, case studies and workshops.
Contents include:
  • basic theories of culture, intercultural communication and diversity
  • prejudices, stereotypes, value systems and time concepts
  • basic competences and tools for adequate intercultural communication
  • tools to manage cross-cultural working situations or conflicts effectively
  • skills in managing cultural diversity
  • mediating competences and techniques
We enable the participants to finish the course being confident in dealing with cross-cultural settings and having developed their personal tools and practices for an adequate and effective acquaintance in multicultural working environments.

Please note that besides registering at emagister you also have to officially register at our website for the EITC.