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Geomatics Engineering (GEOENGINE) is the key discipline for measuring, modelling and presentation of geospatial data and processes. Recent technological developments such as global satellite navigation, autonomous navigation, driver assistance systems, digital maps and virtual globes have enhanced geodesy and geoinformatics in the public awareness. GEOENGINE meets societal demands for geospatial infrastructures for sustainable development and responsible use of available resources.


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Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
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Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
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Geomatics Engineering


GEOENGINE has been designed as a compact Master of Science program for international students from academia, government agencies or geomatics engineering companies. It provides advanced education and practical training to those students who wish to widen their perspective and expand their knowledge on numerical techniques for acquiring and modelling geospatial data. Successful completion of the curriculum enables them to create and manage intelligent workflows and services. Based on deep theoretical understanding, sophisticated technology and methods can be flexibly adapted to the necessities of specific applications.
Geomatics Engineers are professionals for advanced technologies for geospatial data acquisition and management. They are indispensable partners in urban planning, traffic management and sustainable economic development. Therefore, the GEOENGINE Master program provides profound knowledge focused on positioning, navigation and telematics. As future executives in industry and research, graduates of this master program will also be proficient in mastering state-of-the-art technology, acquisition, administration and processing of geodata, team management and research in all fields of Geomatics Engineering.
Students require two years to complete the GEOENGINE program: three course-based semesters plus one semester for thesis research. The courses are organised in modules. Most of them are mandatory, while two modules are elective. All of them are credited in compliance with the European Credit Point System (ECTS). The language of instruction is English. A six weeks intensive German language course is also mandatory part of the program.

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Jeweils zum 15. März für den Studienbeginn im Wintersemester desselben Jahres. Bewerbung direkt beim Institut. Bewerbung direkt beim Studiengang

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