Industrial Chemistry (GIST-Singapur)


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The Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry is a joint degree from Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Its newest improved curriculum is planned carefully to prepare students to be the leaders in the fields of pure and applied chemistry as well as pharmaceutical applications. The course is held in Singapore and administered by the German Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)-TUM Asia, Singapore.

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A bachelor's degree or equivalent in chemistry or related disciplines from a university with recognized standing. Application documents assessment/ written test and / or interview with the Joint Admission Board of the Faculties of Chemistry of NUS and TUM.

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  • Chemistry


The Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry is a full time research and application focused programme that runs over 18 months. Students will complete 5 core modules, 3 specialization modules and 3 free elective modules. Each technical module has 45 contact hours. In addition, students will take 3 other cross discipline modules. Students are also required to complete 2 months internship and a 6 months master thesis to be carried out for the full semester 3. The internship and thesis may be undertaken either at NUS, TUM or in a company in Singapore/Germany.

Core Modules

  • Inorganic and Metal Organic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Chemical Reaction Technology
  • Chemical Business Administration and Management
  • Business and Technical English

Students will be able to choose from 3 specializations: ‘Petroleum and Petrochemistry’, ‘Biochemistry’, and ‘General’:

Specialization 1: Petroleum and Petrochemistry

  • Molecular and Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Processes
  • Unit Operations

Specialization 2: Biochemistry

  • Biochemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Bioprocessing/Biotechnology

Specialization 3: General

  • Free choice Specialization 1
  • Free choice Specialization 2
  • Free choice from the list Elective Modules*

*Elective Modules

  • Building Chemistry & Construction Chemicals
  • Water Chemistry & Industrial Requirements
  • Industrial Chemical Marketing
  • Production Planning in Chemical Industry
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals
  • Polymer Process Engineering
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Introduction to Modeling and Computational Methods
  • Project Engineering
  • Water Chemistry and Industrial Requirements

* List of Modules are subjected to changes by NUS and TUM
Cross Discipline Modules (Compulsory)

  • Legal Aspects in Chemical Industry
  • International Patent Law
  • Free choice of available Cross Discipline module

We are in a very dynamic time for chemical distributors and producers. The industry is going through a transformation, driven by a wide array of trends and factors from rising oil, high energy prices to changing legislation. As the present chemical industries mature, an increased trend towards high value-added intelligent products is to be seen in the fine chemicals and specialties field.

Chemists and chemical engineers need a new set of skills to successfully address the new challenges. Paramount among these are analytical thinking, systems understanding, team compatibility, solid technical knowledge, and practical work experience.


August each year

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Preisinformation: TUITION FEES The tuition fee is SGD 15.000 (Singapore Dollars) per semester

Industrial Chemistry (GIST-Singapur)

28.204 € inkl. MwSt.


Originalbetrag in SGD:

$ 45.000