Official Master's degree food quality Innovation in the food industry

Management and innovation in the food industry

In Lleida (Spanien)

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    Lleida (Spanien)

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Official one-year Master's degree focused on the quality of food products and the trust that they inspire in the consumer as material in a constant process of improvement and innovation within the food industry.




Lleida (Spanien)
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European bachelor's degree or equivalent, accredited if obtained outside the EU.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

  • Food quality systems
  • Laboratory management
  • food safety
  • Company organisation
  • International relations and marketing
  • Post-harvesting of fruit and vegetables
  • Fruit juices and vegetables
  • Pre-prepared convenience food
  • Olive oil and olives for consumption
  • Cured meat products
  • Cooked meat products
  • Technology of precooked food production
  • Slicing and packaging


This official Master's degree offers only one itinerary aimed at working. It is structured around 5 compulsory modules, besides the final thesis:

  • Module 1. Food safety and quality
  • Module 2. Business management and marketing strategies
  • Module 3. Post-harvesting and industrialisation of fruit and vegetables
  • Module 4. Technology of vegetable oil
  • Module 5. Technology of meat product production
2.748 € inkl. MwSt.