Interior Design


In Milano (Italien)

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    Milano (Italien)

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    12 Monate

Interior design is a complex system where the project of space, light, materials, colours and furniture interact. Interior designer has the chance to decide whether to focus his career joining all these fields or specializing in a specific sphere which better satisfy his professional project inclination.
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Milano (Italien)
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Via Sciesa, 4, 20135


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All along the Master Course in Interior Design, students analyse throughly how to interpret and codify expression, behaviour, trends and materials technology codes in four project fields:

1. furniture - 2. lighting
3. space - 4. material

The plan of studies offers a first part of cultural subjects which will be the base on which they will develop the following projects.

During the second part of the Master Course in Interior Design, students have the chance to shape their own curricula choosing between a linear career dealing with one of the project fields (furniture, lighting, space, materials) and a cross-career where the four areas interact.

The curriculum provides also two workshops where students improve their abilities according to the programme chosen and contaminate their experience with details about Italian Design Culture.

Then, during the third and last part of the Master Course in Interior Design, students develop a final thesis project with a partner company. This has aimed to create autonomous professionals on the cultural side and the projectual side able to face different professional assignments.

Moreover the Master course offers conferences held by personalities from all main Design fields. In relation to the course contents and training objectives, internships may be organized with firms.

Interior Design

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