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      International Business with Focus on Asia, Western Europe or Central and Eastern Europe

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      The MBA in International Business programme is a mixture of knowledge, personal development and networking.After their graduation, MBA students are able to work as executives in international operating companies.
      Gerichtet an: This program is targeted to those who like to develop their managerial and entrepreneurial skills, deepen their knowledge in international business administration in a globalized context. That is why work experience is essential in order to exchange the knowledge and to contribute to complex problems with international focus. We want you: '5 P's' for MBA. People, who want to develop key skills in addition to the profession. People, who want to deepen their entrepreneurial and managerial skills for medium and and large-sized companies

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      · Voraussetzungen

      Our admissions process aims to bring together a diverse group of participants with a variety of abilities, experiences and academic backgrounds. To enter our MBA course it is required: • to be internationally minded in the approach to business and management • to have completed a degree at a German university or comparable education at a foreign university/college in and economic, engineering, technical or a related course of study • to have at least two years of work experience after graduating approximately in the respective field of study • to write a statement of purpose

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      The course program combines the respective contents of each focus with given standards as well as new curricular structures:

      Special MBA

      Regarding its focus, the program is characterized as a “Special MBA”-program. The general management education is combined with an additional deepening on expert building for the Asian or Central and Eastern European region.

      Postgraduate Study

      Furthermore, the MBA program “International Business with Focus on Asia or Central and Eastern Europe” is a clean postgraduate study—participants all have completed a first university degree and work experience for several years. Regular study duration is three semesters.

      Part Time Study with National and International Compact Phase

      Study is performed via a part time program, with class hours Friday and Saturday. Class always starts almost at 09.00 a.m. and ends mostly at 07.00 p.m. Additionally, a five day compact phase in the beginning with organizational input and intercultural team training as well as a six week blocked time abroad in the 2nd semester follow. To be obliging to students working conditions, therefore the class hours in the 2nd and 3rd semester are almost performed Saturday or sometimes on Friday evening.

      Teaching Practice

      Learning at the MBA “International Business” takes place with a high degree of interaction between teachers and participants.
      Every module has a coordinator and instructors for each course within the modules, so that the participants benefit from different perspectives and different teaching approaches. The module coordinator guarantees a coherent development of the module among different courses, lecturers and training methods. Moreover, learning through different teaching methods increases educational impact.

      The structure of teaching practices differs due to the time and content of the teaching units:

      • Overall teaching language: English
      • Kick off seminar: Lecture, discussion, team work
      • Intercultural outdoor team training: Group work, exercises, cultural experience
      • Teaching in class: Lecture, discussion, case studies
      • Blocked time abroad: Lecture, field trip, cultural experience
      • Project work: Team work, cultural experience, discussion
      • Business Game: Team work
      • Master thesis: Scientific work in the end of the study, self-performance by student as
      main part, lecture

      Case Studies

      Case studies are analysed in small working groups and then discussed in plenary sessions. To ensure a high level of interaction in class, the instructors use the action learning method of providing theory and examples and allowing participants apply the input.

      Business Game

      Learning is achieved in a rapid and effective manner through business games, where groups of people are placed in a context which recreates a life-like situation. They are aimed at acquiring new knowledge and experience in a low risk environment.
      The business game used in the MBA in International Business is the “Business Strategy Game”, which recreates competition among companies operating in the global industry.

      Intercultural Team Training

      The MBA program opens with an outdoor training week to act as an ice-breaking and team forming experience. The activities during the outdoor training represent a way to breakdown cultural boundaries and focus on a team’s strengths and weaknesses.
      The business game used in the MBA in “International Business” is the “Business Strategy Game”, which recreates competition among companies operating in the global industry.

      Project Work

      For each course within the Module 3—“Intercultural Management”, a new company with a problem of an international context will be selected. The students learn to solve the problem within the intercultural team of the students. The intercultural problems during the process will be discussed and measures for the optimizing will be developed

      The table below gives an estimate of how much you can expect to spend when attending the MBA programm at our University over three semesters:

      Accommodation for 3 semester 3,600 €
      If you need to live in a dormitory and it depends on the
      room—calculated with 200 € for every month.
      > Click here if you are looking for a room in Wuerzburg

      Flight and accommodation to/at the Partner University 1,000 €
      (calculated with flight cost 800 € and rental fee about 200 € in

      Health insurance 1,260 €
      Every student who wants to study at a university in Germany must
      be insured. Calculated with a state insurance company about 70 €
      per month, but it depends on the decision of the student which
      company he decides to take. Books will be available in the library.
      Costs for food and other living expenses depend on personal customs.

      Total 14,860 € (including rent, excluding costs for food and additional literature)

      ...Target group

      • People, who want to relate their career with the most growing markets either Asia or
      Eastern or Western Europe
      • People, who want to gain international experiences
      • People, who want a career jump

      We want your cooperation: “5 C’s“ for MBA
      • Companies, which are already in Asia and Eastern Europe or in these growth markets
      or just about to move in there.
      • Companies, which are residing in the region and want to develop their staff on the future
      • Companies, which build up their strategic approaches towards the future markets in Asia,
      Eastern and Western Europe.
      • Companies, willing to quality their employees from abroad (Asia, Eastern and Western
      Europe) here in Germany
      • Companies, which want a successful positioning in booming markets with management
      skills and intercultural competences.

      We want to enlarge your working experience
      • Working in a company during your studies
      • Get complete overview of company´s processes and management
      • Profit from our booming region in Northern Bavaria
      • Benefit from our worldwide relationships

      Core concept is to develop and deepen local business relationships within the main growing markets in the world —Asia, Eastern and Western Europe — by taking a local approach. The partner universities have established cooperation›s with local business where most of the instructors are employed.

      ...Admission Requirements

      to write a statement of purpose (letter of motivation)
      • to send a “Curriculum Vitae”

      As the main course language is English, candidates must have a very good knowledge of the English language. The following Tests will be accepted and one of them have to be passed:

      TOEFL: 500–549 points (paper-based)
      173–212 points (computer-based)
      61–78 points (internet-based)

      TOEIC: 541–600 points

      IELTS: Modest User Band 5
      Competent User Band 6

      APIEL: Score 3

      Zusätzliche Informationen

      Preisinformation: Total tuition fees: 9,000 € Payment is due as follows: • Together with your announcement letter 900€ in advance at admission • With your enrollment at 1st of October 2,100 € • Second semester 3,000 € at 15th of March • Third semester 3,000 € at 1st of October Payment in advance will not be refunded, if you do not start the course....
      Weitere Angaben: Der Bewerbungszeitraum für das Wintersemester 2009/2010 findet vom 02.05. bis einschließlich 15.06. Online statt. Allerdings können Sie sich noch für einige Studiengänge bei uns bewerben. Auch Bewerber, die ihre Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (Abschlusszeugnis) erst im Jahr erhalten, müssen ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen bis spätestens 15. Juni 2009 bei der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften, Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt einreichen.

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