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Tipologie Master
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Dauer 1 Jahr
  • Master
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  • Dauer:
    1 Jahr

The IMBA program recruits international, innovative students worldwide from diverse cultural, geographical and professional backgrounds. The IMBA facilitates strong interaction and the sharing of experience among. the student body. Studying in two different countries and thus encountering to both cultures gives students an excellent chance to communicate and live in both environments successfully. Finally the IMBA provides the knowledge and skill necessary for global leadership in the 21st century. ...


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Süderstraße 2, 28199, Bremen, Deutschland
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· Voraussetzungen

- Proof of a sound knowledge in business administration (official transcript of previous undergraduate degree) - Proof of English proficiency with TOEFL 560 points or IELTS 6,5 points - One year professional experience (proof of practical knowledge or work experience required) - Passport photograph - Copies of either birth certificate or passport - Curriculum vitae - An essay outlining student's interest in the program - A letter of recommendation by an employer / university teacher

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The features of the International Master of Business Administration (imba) are:

- The International Business School Alliance (IBSA) between the international partner universities enables students to study at two different institutions belonging to the program.

- Within a dual master degree graduates gain one degree from the first university of study and another degree from the second university of study.

- Imba is a one-year full-time fee-paying master program offered at the International Graduate Center of the Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

- All lectures are offered in English and take place in multinational groups.

- There is a high demand for imba graduates in management positions of all business areas with an international orientation and top management teams.

Contents / Outcomes The imba-program at the International Graduate Center, the Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences, equips graduates to:

- attain a mastery of strategic thinking related to global business management issues, events and cases, a range of communication, leadership and problem solving skills, plus expertise to identify, evaluate and apply international entrepreneurship issues and project management,

- evaluate entrepreneurial issues and apply international entrepreneurial skills,

- gain the ability to work and lead effectively in mulicultural teams,

- learn to understand different cultures, communicate and behave successfully within these cultures. Contents / Core Modules In the first term students must pass five core modules worth 30 ECTS at the Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences or at any of the partner universities of the IBSA-program.

Four core modules of the first term of study are identical at all partner universities of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA):

- Human Resource Management in the Global Environment
- Global Marketing Strategies
- International Finance
- Global Strategic Analysis

Further two core modules are offered at the Hochschule Bremen:

- International Business Law
- International Leadership (optional) Contents / Specialization In the second term each university offers a different specialization. The students have to move from the first IBSA partner to the next institution to take up the preferred field of specialization and to complete the master thesis.

The specialization offered by the International Master of Business Administration at the International Graduate Center of the Hochschule Bremen is International Entrepreneurship with five mandatory modules worth 30 ECTS to pass:

- Innovative Entrepreneurship
- Project Management
- Small Business Management
- Entrepreneurial Finance
- Leading Continuous Improvement
- International Leadership (optional) Contents / Master Thesis In the third term students work on their master's project and complete their master's thesis in the field of their specialization.

After having succeeded successfully, graduates achieve a dual master's degree from two IBSA-partner universities. The degree awarded by the imba-program at the Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences is a MBA.


Application requirements: An undergraduate degree relevant or cognate to business management or with proof of participation in business related subjects and at least one year of professional experience, as well as
proof of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL)

Zusätzliche Informationen

Weitere Angaben: *Studienbeginn Wintersemester *Bewerbungsschluss *May 31 for non-EU-applicants *July 31 for EU-applicants *Language of Instruction: English Application Period: January 1 - May 31 Non-EU Applicants January 1 - July 31 EU Applicants
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 25

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