Master of Science in Computer Security



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You should emerge with the technical and commercial expertise that will be increasingly in demand in today's information-dependent world. Your advanced, specialist qualification should provide the foundation for a senior career as a computer security expert in a dynamic global organisation. Gerichtet an: Our target group has to have the bachelors degree

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  • Master of Science in Computer Security

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A Bachelors degree from a accredited college or university or a degree from a recognised institution comparable and/or equivalent to a British Honours degree. Two years professional IT experience working directly in an IT related environment. English Language skills relevant to an online program and comparable to IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 570 or GCSE C.

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The MSc in Computer Security provides a comprehensive approach to this growing field. Using a detailed, interdisciplinary approach, it examines the global threats to electronically stored and transmitted information, and the countermeasures that can be used against them.

Our MSc in Computer Security equips you with the depth of knowledge and range of skills required to handle the challenges of this fast-expanding area. It encompasses a wide variety of technologies and disciplines, including cryptography, forensics, network design and programming the internet, along with an examination of commercial and legal considerations that influence security policy.

All University of Liverpool online Masters programmes are taught 100% via the Internet, giving career professionals access to a level of higher education that may otherwise be out of reach because of work or family responsibilities.

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Master of Science in Computer Security

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