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      Universität Würzburg // Executive MBA

      MBA Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

      Universität Würzburg // Executive MBA
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      Dauer 24 Monate
      • Master berufsbegleitend
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        24 Monate

      The challenges of purchasing and supply chain management have changed dramatically. The classic image of a typical „purchaser“, who is able to negotiate successfully and to handle complex operational tasks, is a popular misconception. Nowadays managers are required both to understand the tools of purchasing and to be successful integrators. You need to facilitate global procurement markets as well as value creation networks. Additionally you need to be the managing point of interaction between suppliers and in-house functions such as research & development, production, and sales. Due to these changes nowadays your role as a purchaser, logistics expert, or supply chain manager requires excellent management skills. Furthermore, you also
      want to be able to understand the overall supply network.
      Only by fulfilling these requirements you are capable to develop creative strategies for a sustainable optimization of the overall value creation.

      Join our MBA program if you are interested in
      ◊ developing well-founded management skills,
      ◊ identifying integrative, cross-functional thinking within supply networks,
      ◊ acquiring conceptual and sophisticated skills,
      ◊ learning state-of-the-art concepts, techniques, and tools of modern purchasing, supply chain management and logistics?

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      · Voraussetzungen

      Requirements: - Successfully completed University Degree - 3 years of working experience - English language skills

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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Supply Chain Management


      The MBA Purchasing & Supply Chain Management program at Wuerzburg University is an unique training program providing you with many valuable skills in an effecitve way and enables you to gain:

      Conceptual and Strategic Capabilities: Acquire knowledge about how to design processes and how to manage projects. Economic changes, new product innovations, and increasing quality requirements pose demanding challenges for companies in today’s business environment. Learn how to solve these issues using well-established management concepts. Experience experts from research and practice telling you how to successfully cope with entrepreneurial tasks.

      Operational and Integrative Excellence: Gain skills for an integrative and cross-functional understanding of supply chains. Nowadays technical, quality, and legal requirements need to be considered permanently in all business areas and especially in the fields of purchasing and logistics. Negotiate confidently about pricing or product specifications while being supported by up-to-date concepts to manage suppliers. Use established tools to control and master complex logistical activities.

      Ambitious and Distinctive Leadership Skills: Earn competencies about how to organize and lead companies. Taking over responsibilities, being able to motivate your employees, and knowing how to act confidently even in difficult business situations are crucial challenges for your career. Learn to make decisions as well as to lead yourself and others. Furthermore gain valuable insights into the international business community.

      The Purchasing Focus:

      • Supply Chain Management
      • Strategic Purchasing
      • Electronic Procurement
      • Legal Requirements and Quality
      Fundamentals Topics:
      • Fundamentals of Mangement
      • Fundamentals of Economics
      • Business Process Management
      • Project Management
      • Corporate Governance and Sustainability
      • Leadership

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      Success Factors

      - Education on the Highest Level: Benefit from new teaching methods – based on reflection, interaction, and application – and didactically well-balanced concepts during face-to-face as well as distance learning sessions. This guarantees you a successful studying experience together with excellent networking opportunities.

      - Distinguished Instructors: Profit from scientifically renowned as well as practice-oriented instructors from Germany and abroad, who impart their scientific knowledge and professional experience to you – extraordinary competencies are guaranteed. 

      - Global Diversity: Being an MBA student you benefit from real-world global connections via unique partnerships with Boston University and Florida Gulf Coast University in the United States as well as Peking University in China.

      - Investment Security: This state-approved MBA program offers you investment security.

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