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The Master of Science Programme in Transport and Logistic (TL) of Technische Universität München (represented by the German Institute of Science and Technology - GIST) will provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully master the challenges faced in the area of transportation and logistics.Our students will learn how to analyze and assess the various traffic scenarios of the different transport modes and how to find appropriate solutions. Students will learn how to design and operate modern transport systems including integrated inter-modal management system




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Degree / FH Diploma An applicant must have a Good Bachelor Degree or European/German FH Diploma or its equivalent in areas of Science/ Engineering or closely related discipline from a university with recognized standing English Language Skills :- As the Programme instruction medium is English, applicant must be able to demonstrate a satisfactory level of the language. Applicant whose native tongue or medium of instruction from previous studies (Bachelor / FH Diploma) is not English must submit at least one of the following TOEFL:...

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Beschreibung des Studiengangs

GIST’s Master of Science in Transport and Logistic equips students with the academic proficiency and hands-on training to understand the challenges and the knowledge know-how required for developing solutions associated with logistics and transport processes. Students will develop in-depth understanding in the areas of transportation and logistics management. The Master’s degree is awarded by Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany.

An 18-month' (3-semester') full-time research and application focused programme during which students will complete 12 modules in semester 1 and 2 in transportation and logistics topics including 8 core and 1 specialization area. Each technical module has 45 lecture hours. In addition, students will take 6 other, non-technical short modules. A 2 months' internship and a 6 months' master thesis are required to be carried out in semester 3. The internship and thesis can be undertaken either at TUM or in a company in Singapore or Germany.

This programme is research and application focused, and will last for 18 months (3 semesters). During this time, students will complete 12 transport and logistics related modules in semesters 1 and 2; these include 8 core module and 1 specialised module. Each module has 45 lecture hours. In addition, students will take 6 other non-technical short modules. Furthermore, a 2-month internship and a 6-month master thesis will be carried out in semester 3. The internship and the master thesis can be undertaken either at TUM or in a company in Singapore or Germany.

Program structure:

The Master of Science in Transport and Logistics is a full-time research and application focused programme that runs for 18 months (3 semesters).

Core Modules

General Topics Modules

  • Statistical Methods for Transportation and Logistics Processes
  • Traffic Impacts, Evaluation of Transport and Logistics Processes
  • Business & Technical English

Transportation Modules

  • Basics of Traffic Flow and Traffic Control
  • Transport and Urban Planning
  • Railway and Road Design

Logistics Modules

  • Introduction to Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Decision Support for Logistics Management
  • Logistics for Specific Transport Modes

CHOOSE Elective

*Specialization: Transport

  • Traffic Operation and Control
  • Transportation Modelling and Simulation Tools
  • Public Transport Planning
  • Airport and Harbour Design
  • Construction and Maintenance of Traffic Infrastructure

*Specialization: Logistics
  • Industrial Logistics
  • Consumer Industry Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Management
  • Bulk Goods Industry Logistics
  • Managing for Sustainability
  • Technologies for the Future of Logistics
  • Logistics for the Service Industries (incl. Health care logistics)

*3 modules have to be chosen from the specialization area and the remaining module can be a selection of one of the two specialization areas.

*Students are required to choose 3 modules from ONE specialization area plus 1 additional module from either of the two specialisation areas.

Your Career Prospects

Societies and national economics of almost every country are getting increasingly connected with each other. Transportation and logistic systems are the foundations for such globally connected enterprises and economies. The efficiency of these transportation and logistic systems are highly important factors regarding the competitiveness and profitability of a single product, a whole enterprise and even for an entire economy a country.

The demand for an efficiently structured and managed transportation and logistic system is growing continuously. Therefore, the demand for young professionals who are experts in managing, setting up and improving modern transportation and logistic systems are bound to grow in the future as well.


An eight-week internship with an industrial company (usually in Singapore or Germany ) will enable students to apply their knowledge on attractive industrial projects.


English Language Skills

With academic IELTS result of at least 6.5


Beginning of August of each year


March 15th





Regelstudienzeit (in Semestern) :-4

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Preisinformation: The tuition fee is SGD 9.000 (Singapore Dollars) per semester
22.822 € inkl. MwSt.


Originalbetrag in SGD:

$ 36.000