OpenStack Integration with IBM System Storage


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This course is not restricted. Typical students might include:

Technical IBM personnel
Business Partner technical personnel
IT consultants and architects
Anyone with interest in understanding OpenStack
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There are no prerequisites for this course.

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This course aims to provide an overall understanding of the integration of IBM's storage products with OpenStack. It has been written to teach everything from the basics of installing IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack to performing advanced cloud based administrative tasks and enables anyone who is interested in implementing OpenStack based client solutions.

The course will also attempt to clarify the concepts involved in planning, deploying and implementing IBM's OpenStack product called IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack. It covers the basics of cloud computing from a technology standpoint as it is today, the product architecture of IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack, explain its major components, their benefits while showing how to implement the solution.

It will also cover configurations that an administrator must be aware of by showing multiple use cases. The focus shifts toward storage on the second day of the class where tasks like creating Cinder configurations to attach an external block storage, creating volumes, attaching volumes to instances, booting from volumes, volume snapshots, migration, and so on, are analyzed in a step-by-step manner.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • IBM Cloud Solutions

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of cloud computing from a technology standpoint
  • Summarize the architecture of IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack
  • Integrate IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack with an existing virtual infrastructure
  • Summarize the key administrative tasks that need to be performed after the installation of IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack
  • Demonstrate an ability to access and interact with the graphical and command line interfaces of the product
  • Summarize the concepts of creating new projects, users, networking configuration, and other cloud related properties
  • Demonstrate the procedure for integrating OpenStack with IBM System Storage products
  • Create OpenStack Cinder related configurations to access and manage a back-end storage device
  • Summarize the various tasks that can be performed on block storage using OpenStack by understanding various use cases
  • Create a neatly organized and efficiently manageable cloud platform by understanding how to customize the product for a specific scenario

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