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Gerichtet an: CIO/CISO/CRO/CIRO IT Strategists and planners IT Architects Risk Managers Software Managers and Architects Internal and external Auditors

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A comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practice of assurance management within the SABSA framework
A plan for implementing and managing an assurance programme based on best-practice methods
Standards and tools and linked directly to the SABSA business attributes profile
Information technology


IMF Academy (IMF)
IMF Academy (IMF)
IT, Information Technology, Finance, Project Management, Security, Tax

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Course content:

The SABSA Advanced trainings consist of lectures and workshop sessions, supplemented by case studies drawn from a combination of published real life examples and/or practical experience. In the workshops attendees will work in small groups to synthesise ideas and strategies and to apply the material in the context of case studies and simulations. Open forum discussions will also feature where appropriate.

Lecture content is naturally less intense than in Foundation classes, with more emphasis on practical work. The SABSA Advanced trainings focus heavily on developing the skills and knowledge for a practitioner through hands-on workshop sessions and discussions, so as to provide the appropriate balance and emphasis on practice rather than theory.

SABSA recognises that after attaining the Foundation skills the architect's career diversifies into a series of specialisms. To best meet the diverse needs and increased degree of specialism required of a professional Enterprise Security architect, the SABSA Advanced certificate test modules are organised into 5 professional roadmap streams:

  • SABSA Advanced: Risk Assurance & Governance (A1)
  • SABSA Advanced: Service Excellence (A2)
  • SABSA Advanced: Architectural Design (A3)
  • SABSA Advanced: Incident, Monitoring & Investigations Architecture (A4)
  • SABSA Advanced: Business Continuity & Crisis Management (A5)

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