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Do you work in contact with customers selling them products and services? Would you like to improve your selling techniques and up-selling skills? If so, this online course delivered by Reception Academy and advertised in is the perfect choice for you.

The programme of this online course has been designed with a primary objective: becoming you in an up-selling expert. Therefore, you will learn how to apply the up-selling techniques without feeling pushy. You will also know to identify win-win opportunities and add value for your customers, as well as cross selling techniques.

The course is online delivered and the learning process is completely flexible. Therefore, you will read and listen to conversations as well as instructions as many times as necessary. You will also have access to the learning platform to print the materials directly. Successful candidates will become exceptional sales persons and gain a certificate from Reception Academy.

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· Welche Ziele werden in diesem Kurs verfolgt?

This superb online training course on Up-Selling is ideal for anyone that sells products or services to potential customers. You will learn to identify opportunities which will add value to your guest’s overall experience and to apply a proven selling process that has proven results.

· An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

This course specifically caters to the needs of the hospitality industry and is ideal for those who already work in a customer facing environment wishing to improve their up-selling skills.

· Voraussetzungen

Must have a computer and internet access

· Worin unterscheidet sich dieser Kurs von anderen?

All our courses are designed and created by professionals bearing in mind that learning should be interesting, fun and beneficial to the user.

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To enrol, book online: 
- Visit our website - Choose the course you want to do - Choose your payment option - Enter your details (including payment details) - You will receive an email confirmation of booking - Please complete the registration process by adding a password for your account. - Click the link to the designated course in the email you receive and begin the course!

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Skills and Training
Sales Training
Up Selling
Negotiation skills
Identify opportunities
Customer Care
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You will become confident presenting additional buying opportunities and higher-margin alternatives. By asking the right questions and making appropriate suggestions, you can significantly increase their overall purchase level, add revenue to your company’s top-line and provide your guests with better service.

Not only will you learn to anticipate your guest’s needs you will recognize how to offer solutions in a professional way. Being able to understand how to up-sell professionally will help you greatly in developing your skills and stand out as an exceptional sales person.

This online course enables you to navigate through previous slides in order to listen to conversations and instructions as many times as you find necessary. The online course also allows you to print material directly from the learning system.

Featuring professional audio voice-overs the user can listen to a native English speaker, further improving your English language skills when communicating.

Topics covered in the "Up-Selling Techniques" course:

• How to up-sell like an expert

• Correct use of up-selling techniques

• Identify win-win opportunities to provide more products and services

• Sell without feeling pushy

• Create opportunities to add value for customers

• Apply a cross and up selling process to make decisions easy for customers