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The Master in Software Engineering and Management is dedicated to qualify first-degree graduates for management and leadership activities in international. software engineering domains. Besides subject knowledge, future professional success in software engineering depends on competences in project management, change management and strategic information management as well as interpersonal and intercultural competences. Therefore the Master in Software Engineering and Management is taking a cross-disciplinary approach which will enable you to interact appropriately and responsibly in a multi...

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The Master in Software Engineering and Management is feasible for students who: 1. hold a Diploma or Bachelor‘s degree in computer science with at least 210 ECTS credits or 2. hold a Diploma or Bachelor‘s degree in another field with at least 210 ECTS credits if they have proven practical experience with computer science for at least three years or 3. hold a Diploma or Bachelor‘s degree in computer science or a closely-related field with at least 180 ECTS credits. These students have to do an extra 30 ECTS credits taken from the Bachelor‘s Program Software Engineering before graduation....

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The Master in Software Engineering and Management (MSEM) is a Master‘s Program that has been created by the university‘s Computer Science Faculty
in close consultation with business, industry and the professions and in response to a challenging and rapidly developing environment. Aimed at providing you with the subject knowledge that is required in a fast changing world as well as imparting the key qualifications, it incorporates current research as well as case studies and project topics taken from industry. The course contents are founded on a sound theoretical basis while including innovative forms of learning such as problem based learning.

The Master‘s takes a maximum of 18 months to complete, including fieldwork and business projects incourse-related areas. Specific benefits and assets:
. a clearly structured, time-efficient schedule
. cross-disciplinary contents . innovative teaching and learning techniques
. integrated project work
. lectures delivered exclusively in English
. a favorable student-lecturer ratio
. an international learning environment
. sustained teaching quality by systematic student appraisal.

The Master in Software Engineering and Management comprises three semesters. We impart the theoretical fundamentals during the first year; within 6 modules you are prepared for planning and leading activities in software engineering.

The program embraces four major areas
. Computer Science Skills
. Applied Software Engineering
. Information Systems in Business
. Leadership and Intercultural Competences

The Modules M1, M2, and M4.1 focus on Computer Science Skills and cover efficient algorithms, Software Architectures, Paradigms in Software Development, Intelligent Systems, Real-Time Systems as well as Information Management. Applied Software Engineering covers Product and
Quality Management, Requirements and Usability Engineering, Project and Risk Management as well as Computer-Mediated Communication and Remote Collaboration in Virtual Teams (Modules M3.1, M4.2, M4.3, M6.1, M6.2). Information Systems in Business focus on the role of Information Systems in enterprises. This area views the optimal support of business processes as a critical competitive factor. It focuses on IT Service
Management, Change Management, Process Management as well as Business Models for Software (Modules M5, M3.3). Leadership and Intercultural Competences are taught in the modules M3.2 and M6.3. Semester 3 is dedicated to the Master‘s Thesis in which you choose and focus on a specific topic guided by one of our professors and/or a company. You must accomplish profound literature research demonstrating the state of the art as well as find and implement a solution for the outlined problem.

...dimensional environment.

...Applicants should have an excellent (awarded with distinction) or good (awarded with merit) European degree (minimum 2,5) or an equivalent international qualification. As the program is delivered in English, it is particularly suitable for applicants from the EU and overseas

who are eligible for postgraduate studies in Germany. You will provide evidence of your high level of proficiency in English (corresponding to TOEFL paper-based\version 550; computer-based version 213; internetbased version 79 or IELTS 6.0 or Cambridge Certificate CAE minimum C).
Native speakers of English are exempt from this requirement. Specific prerequisites are good programming skills in at least one modern programming language, sound knowledge of mathematics, the ability of abstract logical thinking and some experience in and with software development projects.
Upon graduating your study with more than 210 ECTS in relevant contents, you can get courses or units accredited. The university’s terms and conditions apply to all offers in this Master‘s Program. Copies of the specific terms regarding this course are available on request.

Application deadline: 1 September for the following winter semester. It starts in the winter term of each academic year. Course language is English.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Preisinformation: * Tuition fee is currently 500 Euro per semester (since 2007). * Administration fee is about 40 Euro. * Student's social services is about 40 to 70 Euro each academic term. * Living expenses will be approximately 450 to 600 Euro per month, of which 160 to 260 will be for accommodation.

Software Engineering and Management (MSEM)

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