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Telephoning and Emailing


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Telephoning and Emailing training is based on various modules and you can select the modules you want to study. It is important to know your level of English and why you want to learn telephoning and emailing. I need to know your position in the company and what your exact goals are. Then I can prepare your personalized module. You can also send me your email correspondence and difficult letters. I can help you easily. Once a day you can send me an email with questions or problems and I can answer within 24hours.

For example; a student has to organize a conference. Therefore, the student has to write a lot of emails in English. If the student has problems writing an email and/or understanding an email, he or she can send me this email and I can explain or help to write it. Sometimes students also have to prepare a powerpoint presentation. I am also happy to read it and help to find the correct English phrases. It is easy because I also speak German and Spanish. Very often students have to write emails in the beginning, but later on, they also have to make phone calls. We can practice the phone call together. It is like a role play. I can be the other person you have to phone and you can practice what you want to say. Normally, I email you after the phone call so you can have a list of corrections and what phrases you should say.

If you decide to not to send me any company information, that is okay too. Then I can suggest to work on special modules which will help you to become a better communicator in English. Here is a list of modules you can select from: Greetings on the phone (or by email), Requesting information, Giving information-Setting up appointments-Changing appointments-Making suggestions-Indirect and direct communication-Dealing with complaints-Formal and informal phrases-Small talk and socializing etc. Please feel free to make suggestions.

One more thing, before I forget. It is possible to invite your colleagues to join this training. I can phone you at your office and you can switch on the loudspeaker. This way we can all talk together. After the phone call we can email too. If you like, I can give you some homework. Homework is great but only if you really want to do some homework. It is not mandatory. If your colleagues join, the price will be much cheaper per person. I can give you an individual offer because it depends how many people join. Here is an example:

If one colleague joins your training, you only pay € 300 + VAT each.
If two colleagues join your training, you only pay € 250 + VAT each.

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Preisinformation: I offer telephone and email training. Students can tell me how many hours they want to book. I will invoice them with € 45/45minutes + MwSt. When the invoice is paid to my bank account, we can begin. I telephone the student. Every telephone call is followed by an email correspondence. If you need special help with your emails, you can send them to me and I can correct them for you.

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