IBM WM851G - CICS V5 Fundamentals

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  • Seminar
  • Berlin

In this 3-day, instructor-led, entry-level course, you learn about the basic concepts and facilities of IBM CICS Transaction Server V5. After completing this course, you have the prerequisite knowledge for all of the follow-on CICS application and systems programming courses that IBM Training offers.

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Berlin, Deutschland


    - Course introduction
    - Introducing CICS
    - CICS-supplied transactions
    - Exercise: CICS-supplied transactions
    - Defining CICS resources
    - Exercise: Defining CICS resources
    - Introducing the CICS Explorer
    - Exercise: Using the CICS Explorer
    - CICSPlex System Manager overview
    - CICS security
    - Managing data integrity
    - Startup and shutdown
    - Exercise: Managing CICS resources
    - Data access
    - Exercise: Managing files and queues
    - Designing CICS applications
    - Exercise: Reviewing CICS BMS maps
    - Writing CICS programs
    - Testing and debugging CICS programs
    - Exercise: Debugging applications by using CEDF
    - CICS intercommunication
    - Course summary

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