Oracle Application Server 10g R2:Administration I Ed 2 (OAS10111)

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Describe the role of a Web administrator. Describe the architecture and components of Oracle Application Server (OracleAS) Infrastructure including its components and services. Install OracleAS Infrastructure and OracleAS Middle Tier. Configure and manage OracleAS Infrastructure components. Configure and manage OracleAS Middle Tier components. Mana...

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Working experience with Linux Operating System


Describe the role of a Web administrator
Describe the architecture and components of Oracle Application Server (OracleAS) Infrastructure including its components and services
Install OracleAS Infrastructure and OracleAS Middle Tier
Configure and manage OracleAS Infrastructure components
Configure and manage OracleAS Middle Tier components
Manage and configure OracleAS Certificate Authority
Deploy and manage Web applications
Enhancing Oracle Application Server Components to Use SSL
Oracle Application Server Key Components and Features
OracleAS Middle-Tier Components and Solutions
OracleAS Infrastructure Components
Oracle Application Server Management
Enhancing Performance with Caching
Securing the Web Infrastructure
Oracle Application Server Terminology
Wireless-Enabled Applications
OracleAS Enterprise Portal and OracleAS Discoverer
Analyzing Oracle Application Server Architecture
Oracle Application Server Products and Installation Types
OracleAS Infrastructure Installation Types
OracleAS Middle-Tier Components
Services and Components of OracleAS Infrastructure
OracleAS Developer Kits
A Simple Oracle Application Server Topology
Introducing OracleAS Deployments
OracleAS Personalization
Installing OracleAS Infrastructure
OracleAS Infrastructure Installation: Overview
OracleAS Infrastructure: Installation Steps
Postinstallation Tasks
OracleAS Certificate Authority
Accessing the OracleAS Instance
Application Server Control
Accessing the SSO Server
Verifying OID Server
Installing the OracleAS Middle Tier
Preinstallation: OracleAS Middle Tier Requirements
Preinstallation: Setting Up the Environment
Installation: Installer Steps Overview
Accessing the Application Server Control
Application Server Ports Page
Accessing the Component Home Pages
Accessing OracleAS Portal Welcome Page
Accessing OracleAS Reports Services and Forms Services
Using Oracle Application Server Management Tools
Oracle Application Server: Overview
Using Application Server Control
Application Server Control: Home Pages
Oracle Application Server Component Home Pages
Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Components
Enabling SSL for Application Server Control
Oracle Process Management and Notification Server
OracleAS Hi-Av Tool (iHAT)
Managing the Oracle Internet Directory
LDAP Components
Security Benefits of OID
OID Architecture Overview
OID Server Instance Architecture
OID Server Processes
OID Command-Line Tools
Using LDAP Command-Line Tools and Bulk Tools
ODM Connect Dialog Box
Managing and Configuring Oracle HTTP Server
Oracle HTTP Server Modules
Managing Processes and Connections
Oracle HTTP Server Configuration Files
Configuring the Oracle HTTP Server
Administrative Directives
Server Logs
Managing Client Requests and Connection Handling
Advanced Server Properties
Configuring Directives and Virtual Hosts
Container Directives
Block Directives
Merging Containers and Contents
Defining and Configuring Virtual Hosts
Enabling Server-Side Includes (SSI)
Overriding Directives with the Per-Directory Configuration
Directory Indexing
Error and Response Handling
Configuring mod_rewrite
Regular Expressions
Matching Characters
Quantifiers for Characters
Functioning of mod_rewrite mod_rewrite Directives
Rewrite Rule: Tips
Redirecting: Examples
Managing and Configuring OracleAS Web Cache
OracleAS Web Cache Architecture
Administering OracleAS Web Cache
Configure Listening Ports for Requests
Configuring Site Definitions
Creating Caching Rules
Defining Expiration Rules
Basic Content Invalidation
Logging Events and Accessing Information
Managing and Configuring OC4J
Creating an OC4J Instance
Enabling OC4J Instances
OC4J Configuration Basics
Configuring OC4J Using Application Server Control
Web Site Properties
Application Deployment
Maintaining Applications
Maintaining Web Modules
Managing the OracleAS Portal
OracleAS Portal Administrative Services: Overview
Managing the OracleAS Portal Instance Using Application Server Control
Managing the OracleAS Portal Instance Using Administrative Portlets
Default Portal Users and Groups
Managing Passwords for the OracleAS Portal Schemas
Managing Portal Users and Groups
Exporting and Importing Objects in OracleAS Portal
Managing the Portlet Repository
Configuring OracleAS Portal
Configuring the Self-Registration Feature in OracleAS Portal
Configuring OraDAV Support for OracleAS Portal Access
Configuring Language Support
Configuring OracleAS Portal Dependencies
OracleAS Portal Configuration Assistant: Overview
Deploying PL/SQL and CGI Applications
Communication Flow: The Path of HTTP Requests
Configuring mod_plsql
Configuring DADs Using dads.conf
Invoking a PL/SQL Application
PL/SQL Server Pages
Enabling the FastCGI Server
Installing the Database Provider and Its PL/SQL Portlets
Registering the Database Provider Using OracleAS Portal
Deploying J2EE Applications
Deploying Web Application Modules Using dcmctl
J2EE Architecture
Databases and J2EE
Enterprise JavaBeans
EJB and OC4J
Deploying J2EE Applications Using Application Server Control and dcmctl
Accessing Web Providers
Registering Web Providers
Configuring Oracle Application Server Components in OID
Oracle Identity Management
Oracle Application Server Components and OID
OID Administration Delegation
OID Protection Domains
Oracle Application Server Administration Model
Password Policies
Relationship Between OracleAS Portal and OID
Enabling Directory Synchronization in the OracleAS Portal Instance
Managing Access Using Delegated Administration Service
Concept and Architecture of DAS
Configuring the Default Identity Management Realm-Specific Context
Managing Users, Groups, and Subscribers Using DAS
Managing Services
Managing Accounts
Accessing DAS from OracleAS Portal
Granting Privileges to OracleAS Portal Users by Using DAS Roles
Disabling the Privilege Assignment Section
Administering the OracleAS Single Sign-On Server
Single Sign-On Components
Authentication Flo- for OracleAS Single Sign-On
OracleAS Single Sign-On Administrator's Role
Configuring the OracleAS Single Sign-On Server
Creating and Editing a Partner Application
Administering External Applications
Accessing SSO Server from OracleAS Portal
Accessing External Applications from OracleAS Portal
Securing OracleAS Components Using SSL
Using Digital Signatures
Ho- SSL Works?
Oracle Wallet Manager Functions
Managing Wallets
Managing User Certificates
Managing Trusted Certificates
Configuring Oracle HTTP Server for SSL Certificates
Configuring OracleAS Web Cache to Use SSL
Managing and Configuring OracleAS Certificate Authority
Oracle PKI Management Tools
OracleAS Certificate Authority: Key Features
OCA Architecture
OCA Configuration Elements
Requesting the Web Administrator Certificate
Approving Certificate Requests
Revoking Certificates
Single Sign-On Authentication

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