OracleBI Discoverer Administrator 10g: Develop an EUL Ed 1 (OAS10106)

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Design, create, and maintain the End User Layer (EUL). Customize the EUL. Design effective business areas. Control user access to EUL, and business areas. Export/ Import EUL, and business areas. Create item classes. Create analytical and aggregate items. Create drills. Create summaries to improve query performance. Manage batch scheduling. Manage multiple EULs


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Familiarity with Microsoft Windows Applications Familiarity with Web browsers OracleBI Discoverer Plus 10g: Analyze Relational and OLAP Data Professioneller Einstieg in Oracle SQL


OracleBI Discoverer Administrator is a component used by Discoverer managers (business or data administrators) to create, maintain, and administer data in the End User Layer, and to define ho- users interact with that data. All the administrative tasks for the EUL objects (such as folders, business areas, summaries, and so on) can be performed using Discoverer Administrator.
As the Discoverer Manager, students learn ho- to create and customize the End User Layer, ho- to create business areas and folders, and to define analytical facilities for end users. Students also learn ho- to control the user access to the End User Layer. Students learn ho- to use materialized views and automated summary management.
Implement and administer Discoverer
Design, create, and maintain the End User Layer
Design effective business areas
Control user access to the End User Layer, and business areas
Customize the End User Layer
Optimize query performance by using summaries

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