Berlin Seminar for start-ups from different cultures (in English)

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Do you want to start your own business and access to Berlin markets? Please attend our business start-up seminar to receive the basic information for being a successful entrepreneur in Berlin. This seminar is primarily for those who are new to starting a business. The topics range from your preparedness to go into business, legal requirements, and other basic functions in operating a business.:

Introduction to the subject of self-employment
The initial idea
The formal requirements
The business plan
Steps to start up a business
Financing and guide to the authorities
Personal requirements for a successful start-up




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Getting all information which are basically necessary to start up a small to medium sided business.

All kinds of migrants and refugees are welcome, who are sitting at your worktable daydreaming about starting your own creative business. Everyone who is looking for access to Berlin markets. Especially in Berlin the starting up sector is an essential element of economic progress, employment and trade with ongoing increasing growth rates.

The wish to start a small to medium sized business in Berlin.

Language is English

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Diplom-Kff.  MBA Elisabeth Klee

Diplom-Kff. MBA Elisabeth Klee


Unternehmensberatung und Coaching von Unternehmensgründungen und Unternehmensfestigungen, optimale Unternehmensstruktur und Unternehmenscontrolling, Insolvenzabwendung, Projektmanagement, Interimsgeschäftsführung


1. Welcome

  • Introduction of seminar participants
  • Introduction to the initiative “Vielfalt gründet”
  • Key objectives of the seminar

2. Seminar topics

  • Introduction to the subject of self-employment
  • The business plan
  • The formal requirements and steps to start up a business
  • Berlin´s support to entrepreneurs
  • Financing possibilities and guide to the authorities

3. Completion and feedback


With this specific format for bilingual seminars, Investmentbank Berlin and Senate Department of Economic Affairs, Energy and Companies offer all those of non-German origin wishing to start a business the chance to come together with other interested parties to get good advice and information on questions concerning business start-ups. Seminar focus is primarily for those who are new to starting a business. The topics range from your preparedness to go into business, legal requirements, and other basic functions in operating a business.

Key Topics

Germany is the land of free enterprise, that means that everyone may engage in a commercial activity.

To start a business (Gewerbe) means “to create a long-term self-employment with the goal of generating income”.

We have three different types of business registration:

1. Freelancer – no registration at trade office necessary

2. License-free business – simple registration at trade office (§14 GewO)

3. Mandatory business registration – a special business license is required concerning the topic of the business, application at trade office (Gewerbeamt/Ordnungsamt)

Bevor starting: Find out whether you require a special state licence for your start-up!

We will explain the different legal and formal requirements.


  • Executive Summary of your business concept
  • Business idea and general company description
  • Personal requirements
  • Corporate legal form, management, organization
  • Market and competition
  • Marketing and sales – Business location
  • Financial Plan: Profitability forecast Investment plan and capital budget
    Liquidity plan (request for a credit)

There are no fixed requirements for the order or design!

But: all points should be covered in the content.

Differences arise depending on the business idea!

Business idea

  • What business will you be in? What will you do?
  • Business Philosophy and Mission Statement explain your guiding principles
  • Company goals and objectives: destinations and progress markers
  • What is special about your range of products or services?
  • What use does it offer your target group?
  • Why should customers buy from you?

Corporate legal form

The choice of legal form has implications for:

  • start-up costs
  • tax treatment
  • accounting obligations

Examples of different types of legal status:

  • sole trader
  • partnership under the Civil Code (German: GbR)
  • limited liability company (German: GmbH)
  • public limited company (German: AG)

Market – Target – Competition

Target groups

  • Whom do you want to reach?
  • What are the wishes of your prospective customers?

The more precisely you know your target group, the better!


  • Who offers similar products on the market?
  • On what terms and at what prices?

Discover the needs of the customers

  • Define your target market – find your niche market
  • Observe your competitors
  • Set a new quality standard – improve your skills
  • Offer a new product/service range for the region
  • Create a whole new demand
  • Offer a brand new service“better – cheaper – different!” … is this really true? We will discuss it, and also the issues of:
  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Location

Financing Plan

When applying for funding or a loan, the following are absolutely necessary:

  • a profitability forecast
  • a capital requirements plan and financial budget
  • liquidity planning

Where to find advice and support in BerlinStart-up phases STEP BY STEP

Your business officially starts when you register it:

Business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung/Gewerbeamt)

Freelancers must notify the appropriate tax office, when they take up self-employment.

  • The trade office of the responsible city and municipal administration in Berlin at the respective city district (Industry Office) where you found the business
  • Inform your tax office (Steuerlicher Fragebogen.

Automatically informed of your business registration are:

–the trade association

–Chamber of Industry & Commerce/Chamber of Crafts

10 € inkl. MwSt.