Classical Chinese Medicine: Fire Spirit School (Feuerschule)

Spring and Autumn Institute
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Tipologie Seminar
Niveau Anfänger
Ort Schleiz
Dauer 6 Tage
  • Seminar
  • Anfänger
  • Schleiz
  • Dauer:
    6 Tage

Gerichtet an: Studierende und Praktizierende der Chinesischen Medizin


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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Beginn auf Anfrage
Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Yaron Seidman
Yaron Seidman
Klassische Chinesische Medizin, Feuerschule, Hunyuan Fertitlity


Through his intense studies of Chinese medicine, rooted in the classics, Dr. Yaron Seidman developed or rather re-discovered a method of treatment that truly seeks to reconnect individuals with their root power, enabling miraculous transformations of human conditions. He named this method the Hunyuan Fertility Method. It is based on the ancient Chinese classics and Huo Shen Pai (Fire Spirit School). We are happy that Dr. Yaron Seidman will introduce his method for the first time in Germany.

It is easy to read the classics, but to really find the truth in them is hard to achieve. What is missing is the gongfu, how to see clearly the truth in the theory and to apply it in practice. This seminar is about finding truth in Chinese medicine. For this purpose we will explore the foundation of the Hunyuan Fertility Method, the Huo Shen Pai (Fire Spirit School) and the use of Fu Zi (as one of those herbs that help us reach this goal).

Each of the two seminars is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theory part we will learn basic six spheres theory, pre heaven relationship with post heaven and how the circle works, an introduction to the history of Fu Zi, and the current state of Fu Zi production, as well as correct medical perspectives for herb toxicity. In the application part we will learn about Gui Zhi Fa and Si Ni Fa methods and variations, see patients, discuss cases, finishing this seminar with hands-on experience and practical information we can use in clinic right away.

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