DB2 for z/OS - How to deal with Unicode and multiple CCSIDs (CFD6D0DE)

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After completion of this course, the student is able to deal with conversion related topics in general and specifically with Unicode related questions more comfortably. The student is able to decide which encoding schemes and which code pages are appropriate for specific tasks.

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Good DB2 for z/OS knowledge


Code page support in DB2
Minor vs. Major Conversions
Differences between UTF-8 and UTF-16
Usage of Application Encoding Scheme bind option
Loading and Unloading of Unicode Tables
Usage of CAST function
Collating Sequences in different encoding schemes
Usage and administration of Unicode catalog
CREATE LIKE issues - Ho- to solve problems
Description of Multiple CCSID statements - Ho- to work around problems due to unsupported conversions?
Correct coding of Multiple CCSID statements
Unicode DBRMS et SYSSTMT output

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