Doctoral Study Program (Management, Economics), Dr.rer.oec (PhD), berufsintegriert / berufsbegleitend


In Berlin

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    Master berufsbegleitend

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    3 Jahre

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Guertelstr. 29a/30, 10247


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Doctoral Study - PhD (Dr. rer. oec.)

Doctorates at Steinbeis University Berlin are based on the same Steinbeis concept of transfer-oriented project competences.

As a private, state-approved university with the authority to bestow doctoral degrees, our aim is to make it possible for committed and capable business professionals to conduct research tailored to specific applications and the transfer of the latest findings into industry, ultimately resulting in the bestowal of a PhD. To do this, the entire PhD falls within the framework of a specific problem within a company, underpinned by colloquia.
The research project is provided and sponsored by a company from trade or industry as well as other types of organizations. Qualifying with a doctorate at Steinbeis University involves detailed and business-oriented research, managing research in keeping with the aims and needs of transfer, and professional project management. To support the processes of knowledge acquisition, project management and transfer, students have access to the entire Steinbeis network.

Project can also be assigned by the Institute Corporate Responsibility Management.Academic Degree

After successfully passing all of the examinations, and after publishing a dissertation, the doctoral candidate will be awarded the academic degree - Dr.rer.oec. - by Steinbeis University Berlin.
Doctoral Study Duration

The Doctoral Study Program at Steinbeis University Berlin lasts between 3 and 5 years.

Doctoral Study Program (Management, Economics), Dr.rer.oec (PhD), berufsintegriert / berufsbegleitend

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