Executive MBA in Business and IT


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39.000 € inkl. MwSt.


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    Master berufsbegleitend

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    36 Monate


Graduation: Master of Business Administration at the Technical University of Munich
Focus: General Management and Information Technology
Duration: 18 - 36 month, structured in part-time modules
Teaching methods: Case studies, presentations, group work, practicioner talks




München (Bayern)
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For participation a university degree, several years of working experience is necessary.

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  • General Management
  • Information technology


Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus

Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus

Forschungs- und Wissenschaftsmanagement, Führungsmanagement

Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe

Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe

Personalmanagement, Organisation, Strategie

Inhaberin des Lehrstuhls für Betriebswirtschaftslehre - Strategie und Organisation, Technische Universität München


The demand for executives who have extensive IT know-how as well as profound general knowledge in the field of management is growing continually. This is where the Executive MBA in Business & IT at the Technische Universität München and the Institute of Information Management of the University of St. Gallen comes in.

Furthermore, the network of academic partners includes the Nyenrode Business School and the Delft TopTech. On the initiative of the “European CIO Association “and “VOICE-Verband der IT-Anwender e.V”[1], the Executive MBA in Business & IT began in 2013 for the very first time. In addition, many corporate partners are involved intensively in the program e.g. Atos, Bayer, Henkel, Schindler or Tata.

The focus of the Executive MBA program is linking business and IT because they are essential for successful corporate management. The content of the course is interactively presented by combining extensive established academic models with practical experience. Transferring knowledge into a corporate context is made possible by using IT-based examples and cases and by having discussions. Countless CIOs, among others, who share their personal experience and challenges, are represented in the program. Our participants who come from technical backgrounds are given extensive insight into the strategic decision-making process of the company and obtain a deep understanding of chances and risks of the IT applications within the general framework of the company.

The Executive MBA consists of modules.

  • Modul 1 Business Processes and Technology
  • Modul 2 Demand and Supply Management
  • Modul 3 Ownership of Entreprise and Governance
  • Modul 4 Risk and Finance
  • Modul 5 Change Management and Human Capital
  • Modul 6 Marketing, Law and Business Ethics
  • Modul 7 Leadership and Cooperation in Complex International Networks

The Executive MBA program prepares our participants for top managerial positions in IT companies and IT-related ones as well as for executive positions in IT departments.

Executive MBA in Business and IT

39.000 € inkl. MwSt.