IBM Sterling Control Center Managing Control Center


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This intermediate course is designed to train IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct, IBM® Sterling Connect:Enterprise, FTP Server and IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator End Users or System Administrators.


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You should have working knowledge on:

  • IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX
  • IBM® Sterling Connect:Enterprise for UNIX
  • IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator
  • IBM® Sterling File Gateway
  • FTP


The Managing Sterling Control Center course is based on real customer scenarios and provides a complete solution for each scenario.

The student receives significant hands-on experience installing Sterling Control Center and then configuring Sterling Control Center to monitor a full complement of servers, which includes: IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®, IBM® Sterling Connect:Enterprise® for UNIX, IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM® Sterling File Gateway, and an FTP Server. To monitor the servers, students will create Service Level Criteria, Rules and Actions that trigger Alerts all while touching nearly every menu item on the Sterling Control Center GUI.

Each lesson is based on an actual customer support case that is explored and solved during the class. Scenarios have been developed around the customer issues and steps the student through each detailed procedure as to why that action is necessary. Each customer scenario is configured, executed and validated for complete accuracy.

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Define Sterling Control Center and its functionality
  • Describe the Sterling Control Center Application Architecture
  • Review, in detail, the Ordered Task Lists and the Information Gathering Worksheets necessary to perform the Sterling Control Center Installation
  • Configure and Monitor different servers in Sterling Control Center
  • Define sample Business Solutions that Sterling Control Center solves
  • Create Service Level Criteria, Rules, and Actions that trigger Alerts
  • Analyze reports to identify any potential problems in the servers or file transfers
  • Execute nearly every menu item on the Sterling Control Center GUI
  • Perform the tasks in each of the Sterling Control Center scenarios

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