IBM WPL53G - Developing Applications for IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0

In Hamburg, München und Frankfurt am Main

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Tipologie Seminar
Ort An 3 Standorten
Beginn 09.04.2018
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This course is designed for users who are new to developing applications for IBM® WebSphere® Portal Server V8.0. It describes the fundamentals of designing and creating portlets and how to put the new features to use including managed pages. Specialized topics include migrating a version 6.1 theme to the new version 8.0 theme architecture by using client-side aggregation V2 (CSA2), developing custom themes by using CSA2, and customizing the user interface for tagging and rating. Developing multi-channel applications using RAD 8.5 is also covered in this course.
In addition, you have the opportunity to apply best coding practices throughout the course, developing robust portlet applications and portal themes by using Dojo, asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax), and client-side aggregation. This course makes extensive use of Rational Application Developer V8.5 to develop and test JSR (Java Portlet Specification) 286-compliant portlets.
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Wo und wann
Beginn Lage
04.Jun 2018
Frankfurt am Main
Hessen, Deutschland
Karte ansehen
09.Apr 2018
Hamburg, Deutschland
02.Jul 2018
Bayern, Deutschland
Beginn 04.Jun 2018
Frankfurt am Main
Hessen, Deutschland
Karte ansehen
Beginn 09.Apr 2018
Hamburg, Deutschland
Beginn 02.Jul 2018
Bayern, Deutschland

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· An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

The target audience for this intermediate course is experienced application developers who are familiar with Java, Web 2.0, and Web development and who are familiar with security concepts.

· Voraussetzungen

You should:

Possess a solid understanding of J2EE application development, including the ability to read and understand servlets, and Java Server Pages (JSPs)

Have a solid understanding of the World Wide Web functionality and be familiar with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and Dojo

Have a basic understanding of Rational Application Developer or Eclipse development environment

Have strong Windows user skills

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?



Day 1 Unit 1: Overview of IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0 Unit 2: Working with portlet concepts Unit 3: Performing basic tasks Exercise 3: Creating, deploying, and testing a portlet Unit 4: Working with the core API Exercise 4: Working with core portlet objects Day 2 Unit 5: Using tag libraries Exercise 5: Using tag libraries in portlet applications Unit 6: Processing portlet input Exercise 6: Processing client input requests Unit 7: Customizing portlet behavior Exercise 7: Customizing portlet behavior Unit 8: Working with client-side aggregation Day 3 Unit 9: Interactive portlets Exercise 9: Developing and testing interactive portlets Unit 10: Introduction to JavaServer Faces (JSF) Exercise 10: Creating a JSF portlet application Unit 11: iWidget development Exercise 11: Developing an iWidget Unit 12: Serving resources Exercise 12: Creating a resource serving portlet Day 4 Unit 13: Using Dojo and Ajax in portal development Exercise 13: Using Dojo in a portlet application Unit 14: Overview of portlet services Exercise 14: Creating a custom portlet service Unit 15: Working with portlet services Exercise 15: Using a standard portlet service Day 5 Unit 16: Building portlet filters Exercise 16: Developing and testing a portlet filter Unit 17: Implementing personalization Exercise 17: Developing and testing components by using personalization Unit 18: Creating a portal brand Exercise 18: Creating a portal brand Unit 19: Creating multichannel Portal applications Exercise 19: Creating a multichannel Portal application

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