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Official Master's Degree that offers a broad coverage of the changes in society caused by the penetration of information technology into the heart of the knowledge society. It offers 4 pathways through the choice of optional courses: Research in the information and knowledge society; knowledge economy and online business; culture, society and digital communication; internet law, administration and electronic democracy

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European degree or equivalent (graduates, licentiates, engineers), registered in Spain if was obtained outside the European Higher Education Area

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  • ICT society
  • Technological foundations of the ICT society
  • Information management for research
  • Virtual communities
  • Digital audio-visual culture
  • Businesses in the knowledge society
  • Marketing
  • Ecommerce


Obligatory courses
  • Introduction to the information and knowledge society
  • Technological foundations of the information society

  • Information management for scientific research and writing

  • Final master's dissertation

Obligatory specialization courses
  • Advanced Qualitative Methods in Knowledge Social Research
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods in Knowledge Society Research

  • Virtual communities

  • Digital audio-visual culture

  • Work in the knowledge society

  • The Media in the information society

  • Statistics applied to research into the knowledge society

  • Chaos management: introduction to conflictology

  • Globalization, legal pluralism and the internet

  • Businesses in the knowledge society

  • Legal transformations in the information society

  • Marketing and e-commerce

  • Qualitative methodologies for social research

  • The new economy and e-business

  • Politics and the information society

  • Research Design in Social Sciences

  • Health and internet

  • Technology, economics and society

  • ICT and political processes

Information society and knowledge

4.071 € inkl. MwSt.