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The aims of the course are to: Develop a sound understanding of business-related issues, theories and processes. Stimulate intellectual abilities and open minds to new ways of thinking Build management skills: oral and written communication skills. teamwork and negotiation skills in an intercultural environment. analytical skills Develop an awareness of the global business environment Integrate work experience and bring real-world relevance to the classroom

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Villingen-Schwenningen (Baden-Württemberg)
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Jakob-Kienzle-Str. 17, 78054


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Applicants must submit all the required information stated in the application form, including officially certified copies of original and translated certificates. These certifications must be made by the German Embassy in your country, it is important that every certificate submitted carries the official stamp of the German Embassy. Should there be any problems or queries regarding your qualifications, you will be notified.

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Prepare for the challenge of the global marketplace

  • Are you aiming for a high profile career in international business management?
  • Do you want to develop multi-lingual communication skills?
  • Do you want to expand your horizons?
  • Do you value close contact with your teaching faculty?
  • Are you looking for a career-oriented study program?
  • Do you want to study with young people from all over the world?

If these are your priorities, then the International Business Management programme at the University of Furtwangen might be the study programme you are looking for.

Today's global market place requires well-educated, goal-oriented individuals who think as entrepreneurs, and who also have real world know-how and experience. Advanced technology, increased globalisation of brands and services and a more open marketplace have created an ultra-competitive business environment. The ability to handle management issues on a global scale is therefore more essential now than ever. Preparing you for these challenges is the aim of the new degrees in International Business Management at the University of Furtwangen.

The IBM degree program is taught in English, which enables students of many nations to attend, and there is continuous support in the German language learning to enable students to take advanced level electives in German. Good English language skills - both oral and written - are vital, and you will use and develop your skills throughout your studies with us.

The Bachelor’s degree can be obtained after seven semesters of study including an in-company work experience semester abroad, along with a semester of study at a university in a foreign country. For foreign students attending this program, Germany is considered a foreign country. If desired however, foreign students may also complete one semester of study in a country other than Germany.

Student life at the University of Furtwangen is diverse, with opportunities for everyone to get involved. Elected representatives from the student body are active members of the faculty board, which makes up an important part of the University's organisational structure.

...Proficiency in English

All applicants who are not native speakers of English AND citizens of one of the following countries:

* United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland
* Republic of Ireland
* United States of America
* Canada
* Australia
* New Zealand

must be able to demonstrate that their English proficiency is adequate. The university regards the following qualifications as indicative of a minimum level of competence:

* TOEFL , a score of at least 79-80 ITB, 550 paper-based, 213 in the computer- based test. (Our TOEFL code number is 8221).
* British Council IELTS, overall score 6.0 or higher.
* Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, grade B or above.
* Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English, grade A.
* German Abitur or Fachhochschulreife, English mark of 2.0 (10, 11, 12 points) or above.
* GCSE in English, grade B or above
* International GCSE in English as a second language, grade B or above

Since all courses in 'International Business Management' are taught in English, applicants are not required to take a German-language examination.Students wishing to apply to the International Business Management programme should send a completed application form along with the necessary attachments to the Business Faculty.

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500 € / Semester

Weitere Angaben:

-Unterrichtssprache Englisch -Semesteranzahl (inkl. Praxissemester) :- 7 Semester (inkl. 1 Praxissemester) -Studienbeginn :- Wintersemester -Bewerbungsschluss :- 15. April Bewerber mit ausländ. Zeugnissen 15. Juli Bewerber mit deutschen Zeugnissen

International Business Management IBM

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